Eco-Militant Groups With UAVs Challenging Japanese Whaling Ships

Micro Air Vehicles seem to have a number of times you have to use more than just military. Now these small unmanned aerial vehicles for surveillance, monitoring and paparazzi uses of the environment. Over time, more and more people will find more uses for these small planes, and do just that "doing" everyone, in fact, so we only discuss a controversial issue for a moment, if you have time.

It was an interesting article in today's Japan, which seems to be in the world headlines. The articles are "anti-whaling activists use unmanned aircraft to track the fleet of Japan", titled, published on 26 December 2011, saying;

"Anti-whaling activists intercepted Japanese harpoon fleet north started the Antarctic waters, with the help of a drone army. Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, said the long-range unmanned drone, from the ship to fight on whaling, had the Japanese fleet and coordinates back to the activists transferred. Sea Shepherd, a militant group, which reached an annual shadow and harassing Japanese whalers, the fleet to 37 degrees south was, 1,600 kilometers across the Antarctic waters. "

Okay, so first of all, no offense meant to the organization (which are not compatible, but I like whales and fellow mammals) the implementation of this drone baby, but to find something in the vast ocean is much more difficult than you imagine, could it 40 or 50 of them flying in large networks. In addition, critical issues are rich, even if the whole body of the small UAV, the fuel, we look forward to a tremendous challenge to speak. In addition, the recovery of a large number of these units for this task, a logistical problem would be pretty tough for the launch and recovery losses during the process and cost too much.

Stability is a problem, go out crazy with bad weather in the Pacific, once again, even more critical in the startup and recovery, and video sources and sensors for the problems of the time too, are VFR aircraft are the only time of day? Are the birds glorified paparazzi?

Apparently this organization is well funded military pay grade UAVs, but in reality, this organization can not really be all about the "dramatic" and play the media hype, so why would the use of unmanned aircraft, in which case only a Scavengers of the global media owners? I mean, these small UAVs supposedly long run really be all that effective. It seems it would be good for shooting at the forefront of further chaos in the sea, collisions and avoid conflict - a spy from a distance - 10-20 miles or more but not for the location of the whaling ships, and only once with close-up - Comments Readers - you shoot me an email.

Lance Winslow has launched a provocative new series of eBooks in the future concepts of unmanned aircraft. Lance Winslow is a retired founder of a chain of franchises nationwide, and now runs the line of reflection;


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