Determine the Impact of the Application in Network Design

His knowledge that the user, as it is based on the Network Applications.

Often, to provide essential services to network-based applications to users. These services are available in the network are among the most important elements to ensure the demand of the customers and the users are satisfied.

The collection of statistical data from routers, switches, servers and other network devices, you can decide whether a device is operating in accordance with the manufacturer. Are on the other hand, for the procedures are not sufficient to regulate success.

The success is based on, what are the customers, contractors and vendors, network performance is based. From the perspective of end users, application performance depends on the availability and responsiveness.

Application performance must combine customer satisfaction with the standard network parameters such as network performance, or the sum of positive transactions. Application for classification allows the network designer to combine business goals and technical specifications in the design of the network. The classification includes the practical work of network applications: 1 Behavior of applications in network 2 technical requirements of the application, 3 how applications work together on the network.

According to information gathered through the initial phases of the design process, the architect decides which applications are important for the company. The architect to assess how these applications work with the proposed network.

The classification process provides data on the use of bandwidth and response time for certain applications. These factors can really design decisions, such as the selection of the transmission medium or assessments required bandwidth.

Traffic from different applications produce different demands on the network. The network architect identifies four basic types of communication of the application: 1 From customer to customer, 2 Client-server distributed third Client to the server in the farm, 4 Client-to-edge companies. Day, is the first step in applications classification of data both from the network to collect as possible. This data collection contains first Entry into the organization, 2 Verification Network 3 Traffic analysis.

The organization of the input stream contains data about the network and verbal information for network administrators. An examination of the network collects data about network devices, monitors traffic, and shows the details of the current system design. Traffic analysis provides information about the protocols and applications use the network. It can be exposed to errors in the network design. For example, many high-bandwidth applications over the same link generate large amounts of traffic. This represents a potential bottleneck in the design of his.

I hope you flush the foundations of the impact of the application in network design!

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Connect PC to TV

The consumer is faced with a bewildering variety of cable options, if you try to connect to your PC to your TV. You may wonder what to make cables, the highest quality of sound and image, and would perhaps also the different ways that you do connect your TV and PC with one another must. HDMI cables are by far the most popular cable choice now, but consumers are badly about their options for connecting your TV to the computer information.

So what are the "More Options" to connect the PC to the TV?

If your computer or PC via a USB port or 'socket', there are many products in many online stores that lets you make audio and video wirelessly from your PC to your TV with a take over Port HDMI or (even ). Fortunately, nearly all HDTVs sold in the UK equipped with an HDMI port, and each new 3D TV has an HDMI interface.

The mini-USB and Micro USB Wireless PC to TV

Some laptops, PCs, tablet PCs, PDAs and even a mini-USB or micro USB ports, and thus to transmit audio and video wirelessly to one of these devices have, you need a Micro-USB to USB connector (Type A) USB adapter or mini-USB (type A) adapter to use a wireless PC-TV banner.

Sign iPhone or iPod screen TV with an HDMI cable.

If you connect your iPhone or iPhone to your TV screen, you can do so using an Apple 30-pin dock connector to HDMI (Type A) in conjunction with an HDMI (Type A) 1.4 cable. This combination of adapter and cable can also be used with the iPhone and iPod touch.

There are a variety of HDMI cables to consumers today that can not be good for consumers. Due to fierce competition, consumers have the power, durability and quality of transmission as low as 46p needed for an HDMI cable. It would be better to recommend any type of HDMI 1.4 to a trusted online retailer.

Is it worth spending money on a flashy HDMI cable?

If you have only your hard earned money to spend on a 42 "HDTV, you may think that spending on a 40" delivers cap premium "HDMI cable provides better picture quality, but it is generally believed that about 9, 99 is a appropriate amount to: (to reach a good compromise between price and quality) to spend on an HDMI cable if you need a cable longer than 3 meters. longer HDMI cables tend to cost more than 10, but they are certainly a viable alternative to connect PC to TV wirelessly.

If you do not know your connection PC or TV, use an online configurator to find a PC and on television and modeling. If you do not know to associate the brand and model of PC and TV, you can also search for the type of cable.

If your laptop does not have an HDMI input, but it has a VGA port, you have two options:

Option one: Buy a VGA (Male) to VGA (male) cable, a VGA to HDMI converter box, an HDMI cable (male) to HDMI (male) and cable with 3.5 mm jack on RCA

Second option: If your PC via a USB port, use that instead and buy a wireless PC to TV Streamer

The first option is to cost about the same as the wireless PC to TV streaming, because the VGA to HDMI converter cost at least $ 39.99.

Most wireless devices PC measured TV serpentine at a working distance of 30 feet, so if your PC to TV wirelessly to plan from afar, it is preferable to an HDMI cable to use High-quality VGA cable and HDMI-to- VGA converter with a 3.5 mm jack to RCA.

You need a 3.5mm mini-jack to RCA to connect via VGA-VGA, because not carry the audio signal. VGA ports to be used in conjunction with a 3.5 mm mini-jack to RCA to connect the PC to the TV.

If you have a recent Apple laptop or PC, is probably a hold on the Apple Mini DisplayPort connector Ray have. Most of the new Mini DisplayPort adapters and cables are compatible with Apple Beam to the PC to the TV, so if you want to connect your Mini DisplayPort-equipped device or Apple LED Ray for Apple, you can use a cable Lightning. As a HDMI cable, Thunderbolt is also the audio signal.

To connect your Apple Mini DisplayPort or Ray PC, desktop, laptop, netbook or a tablet to your HDTV HDMI, you can use a Mini DisplayPort to HDMI or HDMI-ray from Apple.

Some new TVs come with a DVI (DVI or analog or digital integrated DVI-DVI). DVI cables do not carry the audio signal, so it has a 3.5 mm mini-jack to RCA to be used.

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Convenient Printing of Samsung 320-325

The Samsung 320-325 series is the best laser printer for your office. It provides the ability to quickly and efficiently printing services via a touch-screen printing and print quality.

Your print job can easily use the number of the printer easy to be done by Samsung. It has a convenient touch screen for the user interface that enables printing simple and easy with no quality loss. The speed and efficiency is offset by the circulation, the pressure of high-quality monochrome and color at up to 2400 x 600 dpi.

This printer can print, powerful Samsung vivid colors with an elegant and minimalist, with its sleek black and gray finish. This stylish and compact printer in speed makes it ideal for every part of your home or office.

The printer can easily print images and documents displayed on the monitor directly to the page with a lighter touch. This printer has a print option screen is structurally in the printer control panel, you can print anything on the screen with ease in seconds. You can do this with a unique touch to do. This gives you the ability to print what you want, any time within a very short time.

Samsung printer series 320-325 is ideal for small spaces, compact and very busy office. The compact built this printer is ideal for any office offers plenty of room for your other tasks performed. You can also enjoy the simple power button on the front for easy access and simple design and comfortable.

When it comes to color the page dynamically. To comply with color accuracy and print quality performance of this innovative machine is in the tip. It allows you to print high-quality color at any time.

With the use of Samsung series 320 to 325, it is preferable that you will not believe your ears. Unlike other brands of printers, it can hang on to consider the report of the printer, the printing is complete. This printer is quiet and there is a great machine if you do not want to be distracted. Samsung developed the machine to avoid the impression loud.

This printer offers fast print speeds. For printing in black with up to 16 pages per minute while 4 pages per minute in color. The recommended resolution to obtain the actual production is about 2400 x 600 dpi.

Some trouble finding a printer toner is to ensure that the parties and the printer is compatible with your own printer. Usually when you buy a printer from Samsung, which is a toner cartridge with the printer is already installed. If you are not sure what type of toner needs, you can always check the product manual.

The series is the operating system compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 2008, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Mac OS X 10.3, Mac OS X 10.4, Mac OS X 10.5, Mac OS X 10.6 and some Linux operating systems.

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The First Generation iPod nano Replacement Program

Apple sent registered owners of a first generation iPod nano. It is said that some iPod nano produced between September 2005 and January 2006 could overheat and be dangerous. This is a manufacturing defect is raised by a single supplier. And the likelihood of problems increases with age model. As a result, Apple introduced the first generation iPod replacement.

The security risk is due to overheating of the stack. In fact, there were few cases of overheating of the battery of the iPod nano in the past. The problem arose already in 2009. Apple has two cases in which users were burned had. Causes and in 2008, said the Japanese government in Japan, three fires were due to bad batteries Nano 1st Generation.

If you are not sure about the legitimacy of the received e-mails, please visit the link in the e-mail. If you click on the link, you will be directed to the program to modify older models of iPod nanos support website of Apple and Apple is also the repair and upgrade program to replace the Apple Support website.

In addition, the message is as follows. Apple has discovered that in rare cases, batteries, iPod nano (first generation) can overheat and pose a security risk. IPod Nano sold between September 2005 and affected December 2006. This problem was caused by a single vendor that produces batteries with a battery-manufacturing defects. Although the possibility of an incident is rare, the probability increases with the aging of the battery. Apple recommends that you stop using iPod nano (first generation), and follow from the procedure to request a free replacement unit. And we must be careful that this problem specific to the first generation of battery and does not on other iPods.

Since the programming is, firstly, you can order a replacement via the Internet. The serial number is checked to make sure that you qualify for this program. You will receive a replacement unit for about 6 weeks will, after Apple receives your current iPod nano (first generation). If you need to be adapted to customer requirements, you will not get a replacement has been personalized. Make sure you use iTunes to back up your existing data before sending for a replacement unit.

But how can an iPod nano (first generation)? First, it has a plastic front, black back or white metal and silver, while newer models have a front and back made of metal. If you need help selecting an order, visit an Apple Store or an Authorized Service Provider (AASP) and bring with you to check your serial number. Additionally, your replacement iPod will be guaranteed free of defects for 90 days from the date of service.

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Facts About Windows Registry

Windows registry is a set of configuration settings in the Windows system that reads and uses to operate on program delivery. Records are the central component of the Windows operating system and critical to system performance as well. Controls various parties, including the kernel, device drivers, user interface and applications. The records are maintained in a hierarchical structure and the entries will be stored on multiple levels to control the behavior of the system.

Windows registry entry is a number of key pair and the value that can be saved and on several levels. The level of the machine, all users that the current user is logged on, etc., can log entries to be changed manually by using regedit. In addition, records can by writing scripts and like.reg programs and files are changed. INI file, the registry entry is updated. Be modified by the user, an administrator must registry entries. In general, registry entries are created and managed by Windows. The entries in the file of an application is created and maintained during the installation of applications.

Importance, relevance and use of the Windows Registry

Check out the relevance of the registry key. Be used to store global settings, so there is an increased risk of change or delete them. Registry entries store the default values, such as the system or application should behave at runtime. It is very important to maintain in order to preserve the health of the Secretariat as a whole, the sanctity and integrity of the system. The security policy of the organization must respond to this crucial question with regard to the limitations and how to govern liability.

Consider an example in the Windows registry can be used by an application. A public Web site sends an e-mail notification to multiple users on alert levels defined by the user, for example, based on when the user changes a document or an artifact of an email should be sent to the observer, consultant and author. The site runs on an Internet Information Server on the Windows platform. The Web application server can create a collaborative registry setting limits for e-mail that the server can generate in a given moment of time in the queue for the mail server. The limit, for example, in 2000, which means that at some point of time of application 2000 mail alerts or notifications to the user process can be a mail server. This application allows you to manage the global queue of the application. This parameter can be changed to control the speed of the output of the message on the basis of input of the mail server.

Similarly, all applications and the Windows kernel, these global settings in the registry to optimize the performance management of the competition, and have a reference point for the system to work in the default settings.


The registry values ​​are much smaller when the entire system can be affected, such as poor performance, accidents and other catastrophic effects organized.

As the register values ​​can be overwritten by hand, it is likely that the user may be unaware of the consequences of these changes. To the programmer / developer or administrator must be careful adjustments may be smaller level inputs as a system.

It is better to change the settings through predefined interfaces of Windows application or the application itself, intended to change to get to the record.

Viruses, malware, spam and trojans tend to change the registry entries, and run scripts to modify the system-level settings. In a system for verifying the integrity of the data set must be checked to avoid corruption.

In short, the Windows registry is a mechanism that regulates the behavior of the system. It is important to have a policy to make changes and develop as amended by the methods of change management.

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Anti-Glare Screen Protector

A screen saver is glare, to secure the screen of an electronic device and to fade, that the owner can simply protects. A variety of organizations to produce the elements of the shield is designed to avoid glare, like sunlight or bright light general office expenses. These things are various in style, which includes temporary guards on the screen, and the protection is long it may take much longer, the lifetime of the device. These products are often available in hardware stores and electronics stores.

With a touch screen mobile phone really is a huge investment is needed to ensure that you are protected as much as possible, despite the fact that most people do not understand that you are buying it. Screen savers were designed to hold the screen to be crushed, broken or damaged by daily use, while still so comfortable that you do not know that it's there. Suppressor of the display are made of thin paper clear plastic type of material that creates affecting the use of standard telephone usual.

Anti-glare screen cover or made to get out of sunlight or artificial light, lest his bright screen does not reflect light spread directly into the eyes. This protects the screen most likely with a matte finish or cold and is under a microscope lens, small lines. His main goal is to ensure that your display is readable in strong light or visible, but have the added advantage of reducing the fingerprints and scratches and to some extent. On the negative, the matte finish and can also obscure the brightness of the display a little. In addition, these guards are usually a little heavier than the other and the surface might be a little rough, which means that the fingers do not slip so easily on the screen. However, if you use the phone outside for the most part, these types of protectors would be the best option.

In addition to the anti-glare screens, mirroring the screen guards. They should change the phone's screen into a mirror when the screen is not active - even in the rapid screening of hair and cosmetics suitable for the outside. You can, however, a significant amount of glare and the colors on the screen may not be as bright as it really should be. Perhaps better suited for people who use the phone mainly to call or send text messages. Taking a look at photos or videos with a protective layer of glass that look a bit more difficult, depending on lighting conditions.

Very few companies manufacture products such as anti-glare screen, which has its own set of some units. Buyers can also use a flat sheet and then cut to size. It is important to measure correctly, as a screen saver that does not match, you can create a lip. The lip can attract dust and dirt and make it stick to the screen. Customers should also know that the most delicate tints of the display protection film is susceptible to the removal of the screen after prolonged use.

The anti-glare screen is now considered an absolute necessity for people who have a touch screen device. This is a method to your beloved gadgets to damage, marks or tears. A screen saver is a good investment to keep their cell phones and other devices longer.

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Do We Need Interrogation Robots to Make Sure Proper Protocols Are Used?

There are many scholars and psychologists that study the darkest sides of the human pysche, and the challenges with mass psychology. There are huge numbers of folks that believe that interrogation tactics used by militaries, rogue nations, and the global intelligence community are simply inhumane and wrong. We've all heard the arguments, and during the last presidential election in the United States we recall John McCain a former POW during the Vietnam War had brought up the subject.
In fact, the Junior Senator from Illinois, Barack Obama, promised to close "Gitmo" or Guantánamo Bay if he were by chance elected President of the United States. It turns out this gentleman was elected, however obviously naïvely spoke before he became president. Still, even if the enemy combatants and prisoners at Guantánamo Bay are not abused, or tortured through interrogation techniques, there will always be conspiracy theorists, and far-left progressives which will claim that terrorists should only be "tickled" lightly until they can't take it anymore they cough up the information.
Perhaps, what we need are specially designed Interrogation robots which use proper protocols, and then put the prisoners "feet to the fire" so to speak without ever letting them burn. Surely we can design robotic interrogators that can read brainwaves from enemy combatants to determine when they're willing to give up the information, and push them to the brink without torturing them in an inhumane way. If we take the human element out of the interrogation methodology there will be no chance for them to go over the line, or push the limits on what we in the United States deem to be fair treatment during such procedures.
Robotic interrogators make sense, and they will also save us on the human labor costs in places like Gitmo, which end up costing the taxpayers a ton of money, more than any other prison in the United States in fact, by a factor of five or more. Each time we catch an enemy combatant, it costs a tremendous amount of money to house them there. Meanwhile we need the information that they have as soon as possible, and the longer we wait to get that information through interrogation techniques, the more lives that are at risk; both civilian and our men and women in uniform.
The way I see it robotic interrogators are humane, save money, and when following the proper artificially intelligent protocols, and algorithmic decision matrix - can retrieve that information faster, without torture. Indeed, I hope you will please consider all this so that our nation can remain humane but still collect the intelligence and information we need to win against terrorists.
Lance Winslow has launched a new provocative series of eBooks on Future Military Technologies. Lance Winslow is a retired Founder of a Nationwide Franchise Chain, and now runs the Online Think Tank;

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How To Keep Your Data Safe From Eradication

Computers are perfect at storing large amounts of data. They readily store enormous numbers of pictures, films, papers, records, as well as books. Because of this, many people have shifted clear of traditional print media and hard copy pictures, films, and cds. Why have an entire room packed with books and dvds, when it's possible to stick them all on your computer?
Regrettably, this leaves us very vulnerable. One laptop hard drive failure and we might be totally wiped out. In this article I'll go over some of the actions you can take to keep your digital items safe. We'll go over the benefits and drawbacks to buying the best external hard drive, internet data backup, and having a VPS.
The standard method for storing your computer data is to simply buy an external hard drive for your PC. Basically, you'll copy files from your normal hard drive over to your external hard drive so that you'll have an extra copy of everything. The main benefits to this method is that it does not have any monthly fees linked to it, and you do not have to worry about people hacking into it over the internet.
A major drawback however is that it calls for some work. You'll have to set your PC up to duplicate the data over and you'll probably want to unplug it when it's not being used. Additionally, if your house falls victim to a fire or a burglary, you'll lose your external data drive along with your laptop. Of course, you could get a fire-proof safe to get around this final drawback.
Saving your data through an online storage company is wonderful because you can access it from anywhere there is internet access and you do not have to concern yourself with losing it in a fire. The two major disadvantages are the monthly cost along with the threat of online hackers taking your information. These down sides also apply to people who purchase a VPS.
A VPS is a virtual private server that ultimately acts as a remote computer. It is nice because you can store data on it as well as run programs from it. Typically, it can even have its very own IP address, so it is possible to put it to use when you do not want to use your own IP address. This means that you could potentially get one with an IP address that has access to sites you can't gain access to from your own IP. One good example would be Americans choosing a British IP to view BBC programing.
For more details on selecting the best external hard drive, feel free to have a look at our web site.


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Companies, Electronics And Recycling

Companies worldwide are beginning to go green in order to protect the environment on a daily basis. An easy way to do this is simply recycle their old electronics. Most companies have a lot of money to upgrade or broken electronics for years and have nothing to do with the products used previously. Sometimes these materials has been launched in the backup space, but I've never used. Sometimes they dragged the huge tank in the rear of the building. An easy way to get rid of these products on your property appeals to a recycling company to remove them and make them better.

Look at how the process works. If to want your business to get rid of old electronics, which are outside this article on the website or collected, can be dropped. Most of the time elements are too large to be only for the batch of the recycling collection service be used is very convenient. They are happy to bring some of their old electronic equipment, including small items such as hard drives, cameras and phones or bulky items such as computers and photocopiers. In general, any electronic device that accepts used in your business by recycling companies.

The next stage consists of the incoming e-sorting. This is when everything is separated into its category of the best. Since not all electrical equipment by a material that is useful to make the aluminum, metal, plastic and other materials divide together. That's when the old electronics to help the process, begin to undergo protect the environment by recycling.

When ordering materials, in general, there are trained professionals to inspect the products to ensure that all electronic products with information on the company crashed in the first. It can be scary for a big company to deliver its older products because they have stored important information inside. With the promise to be destroyed immediately, companies can rely on the safety of these facilities to recycle their old equipment.

Once everything is out of his lot, sorted and destroys the process is complete. Some centers will even warned after the cycle is complete. For your convenience, you can see some of the exact location of your electronic devices in the system. These qualities are attractive to companies who care about where exactly to go your old articles. Recycling is the easiest and safest way for your company to go green and to get rid of unwanted electronic equipment all in one tablespoon.

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What Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing

Not much talk in the media about cloud computing. If you do not know what it is, you should! In fact, in most cases are already using some cloud-based applications.

Have you ever heard of Gmail? Webex? Microsoft Windows Live? YouTube? eBay? Of course you have. Here are some sites to get the idea. Cloud computing is the use of resources that exist in any other computing platform for running applications. This means that you worry less (if you trust the host) on the amount of processing power, memory and storage you have.

What is the advantage of cloud computing?

Advantages to use multiple applications to exist in the cloud, including:

Access Anywhere Access your applications from anywhere with an Internet connection with your own computer, or through shared access devices such as an office or library.

Pay for what you use cloud services are free (paid for by advertising) or provided on a pay as you use the type of model. It's great because you easily increase or decrease depending on your needs. You have to implement a new initiative? Great - fast with another person on the platform ramp. Do you want to close a range or change? Not very big, but at least you do not have the sunk cost of custom hardware / software platforms for concern.

Various innovative developer / shared software support are urged to continuously improve their products. This can be used simultaneously by multiple users on improvements in the product because they are part of a common platform. Because applications are live, if there are any improvements or corrections to be applied, then you can take it as soon as they have been enabled to access.

How can I prepare for cloud computing?

Because their data and software that is hosted somewhere else, your Internet connection is more important. You do not want to deal with pushing their applications into the cloud brakes only slow internet!

In addition, you want to have the security to ensure that your data is safely achieved in the cloud. Basic Firewall can be sufficient if the data is sensitive, but can be done even more if the data must be protected. There is a new generation of devices, the application security solutions are available, such as ADTRAN product suite of unified threat management. ( This type of product is the application you are working with, and are capable of both secure transactions and traffic for your critical applications have priority over prioritize Facebook or YouTube!

Get on board!

Let us not leave the train of cloud computing without the station. There is no doubt that this is the wave of the future. All aboard. Familiarize yourself. As one of the company, so perfectly on technology, while always an advantage, not only the status quo.

Bob is a life Langys nerd with a passion for problem solving. His passion for problem solving and working with technology has led to a career in networking and IP telephony, and given the opportunity to work with a variety of companies and solutions. Recently he has specialized in the use of Cisco devices in Asterisk PBX systems. For more information, please visit his website:

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Basic Computer Network

The invention of the computer, without doubt, has revolutionized the world. Has developed as quickly, new features have been added for ease of use and useful. The people have accepted it in their homes, and businesses have begun to store data and processes with them, too. Soon there was the need to share information between computers in an efficient way to carry information in the files, but to communicate the need for two computers directly is still very high. Thus was born the demand for network.

Today, take advantage of computer Internet connectivity worldwide, but the Internet has made the idea of ​​multiple computers connected together at the same time, the ability to share data freely born. This idea is still very much alive and present today, and it has become easier than ever to configure and use a network to share information quickly and easily.

The basic form of a network is, and what is called "ad hoc", which essentially only two computers connected together to exchange information. This can be done with a wired connection to the stability and speed, or wireless connection, since most computers today are equipped with wireless network capabilities. Ad hoc networks are typically used to share information quickly, and usually not for a long time not used because it does not support all the functions that a traditional router-based network does.

Network seen in more common situations is that through a "hub" or "Access Point". These devices act as a liaison between multiple computers, to account for the equipment to take apart. Computers can exchange data between them, as ad-hoc network, but many teams can be connected together in this way to form a larger network.

The most complex networks based on "server" to the data that are based on management between computers, and as a central point that all the computers to access the trade data. Such networks are typically large organizations, because employees need to store and retrieve data at all hours of the day, and require a durable and reliable access to this information. Servers store the power of the Internet that most people are familiar with all the information that people need if they want access to websites and services.

Setting up a computer network is simplified in recent years. Which require specialized knowledge and sometimes years of training set can be automated with the use of intelligent software and hardware that adheres to established standards.

On a home network, the computer can configure access to the Internet, is all most people need a router and a modem gender (according to the company that provides your Internet connection, typically via cable or DSL, though wireless broadband is becoming more common). Many ISPs actually offer to rent or to buy this equipment to ensure that your customers use hardware that is compatible and interoperable.

In most cases, the average consumer is no longer beyond the local electronics store local retailers look to find what you need to set up a home network or small office.

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Statistics Of Internet Usage in the World

The internet is the crucial point in my life, and I'm sure as well as you are. Internet usage is mushroomed in every line of life where ever you are.

I will show you the Statistics of internet usage in the world.

Internet Users In The World
Picture #1: Internet Users In The World

From the picture #1 beside, you can found the information:
  • Asia got the highest ranked of internet use by the percentage 44.8%
  • Europe 22.1%
  • North America 12.0%
    • Lat Am/Caribb 10.4%
    • Africa 6.2%
    • Middle East 3.4%
    • Oceania/Australia 1.1%

Source : Internet Usage in the World

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Knowledge of the CPU

A team that has several major subsystems, such as the Central Processing Unit (CPU), memory and device drivers. All these components are connected to a "bus". The bus is essentially an information highway, and all other components work together, bus.The data transmission of the current computer, the party that controls all the calculations and the treatment of other parts of the CPU "(CPU). Central Processing Unit (CPU) contains the electronic clocks, the timing of all operations, the electronic circuits that perform arithmetic operations like addition and multiplication, and circuits to identify the cause, that the instructions that control program and data memory circuits can be recovered. instructions and data are stored in main memory. The CPU is sold as necessary. device drivers to take care of peripheral input devices like keyboards and mice take work output devices such as printers and video displays and storage devices such as CPU and peripheral controllers disks.The together. to exchange information between your computer and to transmit the user Sometimes the processor is responsible for the data an input of the device by transmission controller moves through the bus and directly loaded into the CPU, the output is the same distance in the opposite direction -. the CPU the bus and by controlling an external device.

In other cases, the processor can get a device driver to transfer data directly to or from the main CPU chip on the motherboard of the computer's main memory.The. They come in different shapes, sizes and packaging. Older CPUs came in DIP format, and some 286s and 386 QSOPs principles (see IC), but what you'll find that most are from the apartment on the chip of the PGA, PGA, SPGA chips.The space used, the friction clutch is installed . Assembly and dismantling had to be done carefully to avoid bending or breaking the pins of the processor. First he had to align the chip. There is always a way to name, pin 1 on both the chip and socket. It may be a point in a corner or an arrow or a small screen '1 '. Generally, a processor with one of your shortcuts and have that the party named in the decision to align. You must make sure that all pins are straight and square on the chip, then put the chip so that all pins are inserted into each hole in the base. To install the chip, press firmly and evenly. If the legs are not quite in their holes, or if not pushed down, the markers can be bent to one side. Try to straighten the pins is not impossible, but it usually means that on. You will learn quickly, take your time and be careful. Elimination is another problem.

A cut is very narrow and has no control, while trying to get chips (we talk a lot of friction has a chip in the interview). Some packages from the update, or "Turbo" is a person lying on the trigger action was better, but still does not offer much more control. The best way is to gently insert a small screwdriver between the chip and the base without touching the pins down, and turn very easily remove the chip with a very small amount. Then go to another and do the same. Currently, work your way around the chip, due out easy.The identified problem and a group of new decision-Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) was developed. This decision makes a big difference in the removal and installation of the PGA and SPGA CPU. A small knob or lever on the side of the elevator core and unclips to solve completely pins. You can use the old CPU, you go to the other, and pull the lever down, put it in his little clip. Not bent or broken, chipped edges, without the CPU or a Pentium II and Pentium III Intel Celeron socket.For chip, the processor is a small group of external cache and use coated or packaged in a plastic cartridge.

The "Slot 1" style clip on the motherboard and CPU "slot 1" must be clear connector.As, the CPU must be connected to the motherboard. Most motherboards allow more than one type of CPU Under the model, manufacturer and influences the speed but usually accept only one type of output. This is a consideration that should be discussed and resolved before an acquisition. The motherboard manual will tell you what type of processor included in the return. If you have a manual, please visit the website of the manufacturer. Normally such information. Main CPU manufacturers, Intel, Motorola, IBM, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and Intel Cyrix. Evaluate the processor is done before it can be PC. Enter the first PC chips from IBM. most chips in the BIOS (Basic Input / Output System) developed in the first plates were based on an Intel. Intel is still considered the No. 1 producer and has set the standard for processors.

Other CPU manufacturers and distributors tend to compare their products with Intel, saying it is "comparable to a Pentium II-350" or "better than the PIII-500." A specific processor features described by its manufacturer, model and speed in megahertz (MHz). Advice of a computer system has a quartz crystal in this constant signal or the beat like a metronome. Each beat is called a clock cycle and is measured in megahertz, or millions of cycles per second. A processor in a multiple of the frequency of the motherboard and the instructions are executed synchronously clocked at every clock cycle the CPU. Therefore, if the processor do one instruction per cycle, and has a 500 MHz processor, the chip can execute 500 million instructions per second. Your heart will not beat too many times in life. Current technology, Intel and AMD and 1.5 GHz (gigahertz) CPU this year. There are a half million instructions per second!

The CPU is called the "brain" of the computer. Manages and directs all activities of computer users time, transmission, reception and processing. But, as the "brains" of a project or an organization depends largely on your support group and counseling. There are many factors contributing to the CPU and the speed and performance of the machine are connected. Some of these factors are: whether a math coprocessor is present and whether internally or externally.

Speed ​​up the system clock and CPU. The amount of internal cache and external cache memory. The bus architecture or support circuitry on the motherboard.

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Computer Repair : Is Now a Household Word

If you have a computer, equipment, and repair of the words are more often at home than he would probably admit, and will unfortunately also be used together talking. But as we all know, is an essential part of computer ownership.

There are several ways to fix a computer, depending on the subject and the world has not the talent for it. If the Task Force issues, it is difficult to determine what the problem is, unless of course you are a geek. There are many programs on the market designed to treat many problems that slow down a computer or to block, too, but if the team is useless, you can not really be a website, go to a program has to be corrected the problem . solve

The best way that your computer at optimum performance is to buy an internet security software to protect your computer by viruses or other unforeseen safety issues, all of which is infected via the Internet. Another way is to find and install software designed to infect your computer of these parasites, as soon as the system so it will have no problem if you are not free to access the Internet.

When the system crashes and you're not ready, are the other options to use another computer to find solutions to the problems of saving his crew shot, and see if there is any information that might be useful and get your computer to work again. Other than that, there are many computer repair shops in every community who specialize in fixing computers. Some of the best and least expensive repairs are independent specialists who work from home. But unfortunately, unless you have first-hand about the reputation of the person who really believing in the hope that someone who is honest and does a good job and gives a written guarantee to find.

Calm for all, offer the most computer stores other computer repair services where you can pay a chance or what you need, or you may have insurance that covers buy the computer if the worst happens, and beyond the computer crashes, set their own abilities. Shop around to find the best deals and the person or company that would try to better solutions, computer repair, learn a little about yourself and save a lot of problems in the future.

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7 tips for your devices to keep in top condition

At the present time, we keep in touch with their families, either through chat or e-mail, you will find information about everything under the earth, and sometimes the earth as well. We also do business proposals and communications with partners and aims to make purchases and pay utility bills conveniently at home. This is possible with the help of our computer and an Internet connection. It is therefore important that we take care of our team to function efficiently and smoothly. Here are 7 tips to keep your computer running in top form.

1 Value of Brands: When you leave the computer to do much of their personal and business communication is important that you invest in a good computer to do it. Unmounted games available at lower prices than branded computers and quality. But in the long run you will spend more money on maintenance and repairs due to poor quality parts used in them arise. Invest in a good reliability record, and even if something goes wrong, protect the safety of the additional costs.

2 Software: There is a tendency to build operating systems in order to save money, you leave. It is a bad decision to be in the long run. Information technology is a fast, new versions and updates of existing versions published at regular intervals. Only the original software is able to update online. In addition, there is no guarantee that counterfeit everything runs smoothly. Imagine a situation where you must come to an important customer to close a deal, but the computer crashes. Insist that the OEM software.

Antivirus 3: Computers and the Internet is often targeted by hackers to steal data and important details such as user name and password for use in anti-social activities. You can lose your money and credibility on this computer, if your online bank account is compromised. Install the latest version of the antivirus program on your computer from hackers and update regularly to stay and peace of mind.

4 Power: Since this is food for humans, but work a computer to operate correctly, they need a continuous supply and stable energy supply. If the area is susceptible to interference or outages may lose valuable data when power is suddenly lost while working on an important work. It is therefore advisable to ensure a stable energy supply through a UPS (uninterruptible power supply).

5 Qualified staff: The team that is a sensitive device, the same operations must be performed by qualified personnel. The device should only by those who are the basic operation of the machine are used. Moreover, in case of malfunction Instead of playing with the machine, covered a personnel services.

6 of the regular service: It is recommended that an AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) with the equipment given in order to ensure prompt service and avoid additional costs by way of repair costs. Regular maintenance to keep your equipment in excellent condition.

Beware of spam 7: Be careful not to open, can-spam viruses to infect your computer contains. With hackers becoming smarter every day also, the type of e-mail with "smart virus" to overcome the anti-virus software is installed. They infect the system and important data is lost.

Really worth taking care of your computer for a day without labor problem.

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Is Personal Technology a Drug?

How many of you know, I have about the negative impact of technology on numerous occasions. Specifically, I mean things like cell phones, video games, PCs and tablets, taken in daily affairs of our lives. I argued that there is no documented evidence that it improves productivity (at least not with the U.S. Department of Labor), and that affects our social skills, especially in the area of ​​interpersonal relationships. This technology allows us to express our creativity faster, for rapid access to information with anyone in the world and share things like photos and notes to communicate, but there is nothing to justify that improves our ability to think. In all cases, the use of the brain. For example, many people can no longer perform basic mathematical operations, without using an automatic machine, but we can communicate constantly through text messages, I do not think we can letters or studies without writing a word processor, should not, etc. to be a It is not surprising to see a typical office stationary when the device is removed. Studies have also shown that the extensive use of these devices actually reduced IQ As Hicks said in his book "Digital Pandemic," Technology has the ability to change our minds, so you can use to take the same actions as robot technology, we are. This means that we adapt our subliminal way of life for s' adaptation to technology.

We tend to believe that drug and chemical compounds for any drug or stimulant, or sedative, which affects the central nervous system, which uses changes in behavior. Under this paradigm, the drugs are absorbed into the blood by mouth, injected or smoked. However, personal technology, particularly through our senses of sight, hearing and touch, which in turn stimulates and awakens the brain and has taken up a comfortable place to escape. When used in moderation, there is a problem, but as a long-term use leads to addiction and can change perceptions and moods, thought patterns that lead to positive and negative sides. A positive side effect is an obvious sense of achievement as well as winning a game or completing a task successfully. The negative effect, but prolonged use, people become dependent on technology to perform a variety of mental functions, such as mathematics and writing. On the other hand, is impatient of results, as we are accustomed to instant information, instant cash, instant pictures, instant food, all at once, so have we less tolerant of any delay, the stress level increases and leads to anger.

I support the widespread use of technology leads to an increase in violent behavior. This is a claim that is hard to prove because it is difficult to find reliable technique, the binding of violent behavior. Even things like road rage, sports rage, the rage of the work are, harassment, anger management, animal cruelty relatively new phenomena were rare just a few decades back. Therefore, the safe research is limited data for a very long time. The closest I could find was data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics ("Data Analysis Tool custody"), which revealed an increase in aggression, violence and sexual communication lurk in the last ten years (the period in which the use of personal technology is derived). However, no direct link to the technology involved. Because there are no hard data, will remain my premise, a theory, until sufficient data is incorporated to the two together.

In terms of dependency, technology has the same powers as chemical dependency, gambling, or at least that does not require that drug in the usual sense. In fact, the parallels between technology and the game is quite remarkable, and can so devastating. An interesting report showing the power of addiction, the technique is "The World Unplugged", a global media by the International Center for Media and Public Agenda (CIPMA), University of Maryland conducted. As part of its findings, the report describes how the students performed (eg electronically) in the study by the lack of media:

"As to the medium during the" investigation of the students. "The World Unplugged awareness of the benefits of media exposure to the media and its limits and perhaps also that the students became more aware of, was his complete inability, through life without the media to wear.

The depths of the "dependency" that students pass out some report that he had learned that it is necessary to accomplish was to reduce their media habits. Most doubt that students are very successful, but he recognized his dependence on the media was a little self-imposed and actually inhibits the ability of their lives to what I expected to manage - from proactive rather than reactive decisions about work and play. "

Like anything, if used in moderation, technology has no adverse effects. However, it was an extension of the 24/7, our life and life is inconceivable without these devices. Because it provides instant gratification has to cry for a new type of nipple, if we put away.

The "pusher" of this new drug, of course, the entertainment and electronics continue to refine its technology and content, so that it had tendered with each new version. They really understand the danger of this drug addiction and how to use it to your advantage to do as a politician.

Let me leave you with one last thought, art imitates life, which emulates the technology. Think about it, we are increasingly robotic in our thinking? It is limited by our imagination and creativity of our technology? Can we live without these products 24 hours? The study topics in "The World Unplugged" too hard to live without them, and showed genuine withdrawal symptoms, and if you're honest, time to get addicted. Therefore, an extension of the technology itself, or we are an extension of our own technology? Each response is troubling.

You may not be a chemical or powder, but make no mistake, is the personal technology and so addicted to the human mind can change like any other drug.

Keep the faith!

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Enterprise Networks


Management and security of many servers in different locations within a corporate network is difficult. A good practice is to centralize the servers to server clusters and farms. Server farms are of course in the server rooms and data centers.

Create a farm has the following advantages:

The network traffic is coming and leaves the cluster of servers in a well-defined point. This plan makes it easier to protect, filter, and the order of the traffic.

High availability redundant connections can be installed on servers as well as between the network server cluster and the field of cardiac LAN. This alignment is cheaper than trying to find a level of connectivity to servers across the network.

Load balancing and failover is possible between servers and between network devices.

The amount of the switch with high capacity and security forces will be reduced, and thus also reduces costs.

To protect Datacenter Server must be of a malicious attack is always possible.

Malicious attacks against server farms can affect trade and business to business applications. The two local area networks and storage networks must be ensured in order to reduce the risk of dangerous attacks. Hackers use a variety of hacker tools to scan networks and implementation of a buffer stream of attacks, denial of service attacks and other.

Farm Protection

The firewall is often installed by a good margin of safety if the internal and external users want to ensure access to the Internet over the farm. In order to ensure their own server farms, followed by a different method. The firewall demilitarized zones, network analysis and management devices, intrusion detection, host-based and network-based and prevention systems can also provide assistance.

The strategy of the network firewall to the old servers that want to access external networks are in a DMZ. Users, the Internet server or other external networks connect stopped unreliable, see the data on the internal LAN. Members of the local network are treated as a trusted person and generally have few restrictions when accessing servers in the DMZ.

Defense against internal attacks

The attacks are initiated from the internal network are more common than attacks from external sources today. Consequently, the security of the server is quite different. A new level of firewall appliances and intrusion prevention systems will be required between servers and internal networks, and between servers and external users. An additional layer of security between servers may also be required.

The importance of data stored on servers, security policy defined for the appropriate design of the operation.

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How To Defrag Your Computer Simply

Defragmentation is the process that allows it to reduce the user, the disintegration of the files on the hard disk of the user, a computer's performance can be affected if the drive is connected to the computer down. The user defragment your computer, your files into the sequences so that the system will run faster computer to reorganize. Since all files are organized and put in order, and even files that acquires small towns are in a position that the user can use more space will be saved.

If the files are stored on your computer unevenly distributed on the hard disk can cause the computer to find a longer period of time or retrieve these files, as opposed to searching for files that are stored in a sequence and to take properly disposed of. This method allows the user to locate a file method instantly.This coverage, certainly improves the performance of your computer.

Defragmenting your computer is a simple procedure that can be performed by users at home and not much technical knowledge. During the process of defragmenting your computer files automatically sorted by frequency of use and saves these files so that rest and walk not only helps the computer run faster, but also opens up more space on the computer hard disks.

You can follow this simple procedure to defragment your computer with a Windows operating system:

Uninstall programs or remove junk files that are unwanted and space to complete. This will create space for data that is necessary and relevant to save to your computer. This step helps organize the files into the correct order.

Make sure that all programs are closed that are not needed. This will ensure that your computer is not busy or not a program running in the background, slowing down the speed of the defragmentation.

Make sure that all the programs that automatically adjust to operate at a given time must be stopped. Always run a program at a time, for the best effect.

Make sure that temporary files are deleted to free more memory. To run the files from the hard disk on which the program to clean Windows cleanmgr.

Once you have completed these steps, it is now time to defragment your computer. To defragment your computer, click the Startup tab, select a program called dfrg.msc. Click on the program and then select the drive you want to defragment, ie the C: drive is the default drive and click Defragment button.This begins the process of defragmenting your computer and organize all your files in a correctly.

After you defragment the hard drive of your computer, you would see in a position to direct results in terms of speed improvement. If less time for you to access your files and restores them to be. It is recommended that you defragment your computer and run cleanmgr to ensure that your hard disk is not fragmented and slow down your computer.

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Data Mining: From Moore's Law for Sale Day

Data Mining: From Moore's Law for the sale days

Today the Internet is more personalized than it ever was. This is largely due to mining, the use of models and documents in such a way as you use the Internet to anticipate how you will continue to include the use of the Internet. This is an application of data mining, however, passed on, the term refers to analyze how to reduce the data, costs or increase revenue.

While the term data mining is new, is not the practice. As Moore's Law, whereby the storage of data and computing power every 18 months during the last five years doubled States has become much more accessible stores large amounts of data. People continue to use the Internet and surf the Internet at an exponential rate, so the effect of data mining in 2020 means that nearly five million, more than seven and one of the world half a billion people affected. After about 2020, are circuits designed and built small, many predict that Moore's Law applies to the circuits, but still the conventions of nanotechnology and biochips dictate.

Data mining is more concrete examples, too. Items that you purchased outside of the Amazon are, for example, analyzed by data mining in this society, you have similar products that may interest you to apply more broadly, could determine a restaurant chain, which customers buy and when you to visit in order to adapt its menu to the tastes of the public and to invent and deliver new dishes and specialties of the offer. This is known as the type of data mining. An agreement on the side 1 day could their day gift to a particular segment of the population that visits your website running. If you know that most people visit your site to find articles related to technology, it is probably more of these elements in place to offer an array of clothing, or day trips. This is known as data mining cluster. Mining Association has followed a logical rule of supermarkets, if a customer buys bread and butter, it is also likely to buy milk.

Data mining is statistics, which are to determine customer buying thousands and millions of interactions. In fact, it is what makes the technology seem more intelligent. Humans logical formulas and statistics that implement these standards widely used and largely sensible. The data mining applications are varied and exciting. In the future Internet will be much closer to reading your mind.

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