How To Keep Your Data Safe From Eradication

Computers are perfect at storing large amounts of data. They readily store enormous numbers of pictures, films, papers, records, as well as books. Because of this, many people have shifted clear of traditional print media and hard copy pictures, films, and cds. Why have an entire room packed with books and dvds, when it's possible to stick them all on your computer?
Regrettably, this leaves us very vulnerable. One laptop hard drive failure and we might be totally wiped out. In this article I'll go over some of the actions you can take to keep your digital items safe. We'll go over the benefits and drawbacks to buying the best external hard drive, internet data backup, and having a VPS.
The standard method for storing your computer data is to simply buy an external hard drive for your PC. Basically, you'll copy files from your normal hard drive over to your external hard drive so that you'll have an extra copy of everything. The main benefits to this method is that it does not have any monthly fees linked to it, and you do not have to worry about people hacking into it over the internet.
A major drawback however is that it calls for some work. You'll have to set your PC up to duplicate the data over and you'll probably want to unplug it when it's not being used. Additionally, if your house falls victim to a fire or a burglary, you'll lose your external data drive along with your laptop. Of course, you could get a fire-proof safe to get around this final drawback.
Saving your data through an online storage company is wonderful because you can access it from anywhere there is internet access and you do not have to concern yourself with losing it in a fire. The two major disadvantages are the monthly cost along with the threat of online hackers taking your information. These down sides also apply to people who purchase a VPS.
A VPS is a virtual private server that ultimately acts as a remote computer. It is nice because you can store data on it as well as run programs from it. Typically, it can even have its very own IP address, so it is possible to put it to use when you do not want to use your own IP address. This means that you could potentially get one with an IP address that has access to sites you can't gain access to from your own IP. One good example would be Americans choosing a British IP to view BBC programing.
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