How to Make Your Wireless Network Hacker-Proof

Security has become second nature to people in the past few years, when your home, car or personal belongings. Our computers are no exception, as digital thieves are lurking everywhere and can be almost impossible to detect by the average user. Prevent unauthorized access to your mobile home or corporate network (Wi-Fi) is a very important step to take, because there is not a hacker necessary that you should be treated personally, and perhaps in a house or an apartment in the near or even inside a car parked in the street. Wi-Fi hackers have been known to through neighborhoods looking for wireless networks in people's homes, go to the access through the open doors of several in the configuration of a wireless router, and then have a field day, the with your information. In this article we are going step by step through the various settings of your wireless router to go leaving your network vulnerable, and what needs to protect the network against hackers to change most.

Step 1: The first thing to do is to enter the configuration utility of our router. To do this, you must first know the IP address of your gateway. You can do this, go to Start> Run and type cmd start. This opens a command prompt session. At the command prompt, type "ipconfig" without the quotes, type and press. When this is done, while connected to the network, the return of the various figures. The requirement is listed as "Default Gateway". Take the IP address as "Default Gateway" and enter specified, or copy them. If you are not familiar with IP addresses, is a series of numbers separated by periods are as follows: In fact, this particular IP address I used the gateway as an example the most common, but it may be something otherwise appear. Now copy the IP address, open a web browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox, and paste or type the IP address displayed in the address bar and press Enter. It opens the login page for the router. If your login information to come here know, if not, see the manufacturer's identification, user name and password of your router. You can find it available in the manual with the router, or visit the website of the manufacturer and model number of your router's manual (this can be found on a sticker on the back, side or bottom of the router.) Everything First to the common user ID as "admin" and "password" or try the password "admin" as username and password. If this fails, the data refer to the manufacturer's user ID and password. If your user ID and password, and I forgot, or the ID and password default setting does not work if others in your household has access to the router or had the owner, the user name and password can be changed by default. In this case, you can reset the default values ​​by pressing the reset button on the back of the router for at least 5 seconds. Now you can log in with your user ID and password by default set by the manufacturer.

Step 2: Change the user name and password when you set the standard manufacturer. If someone access to your wireless network, you can easily change access to your router settings and to meet.

Step 3: Change your SSID. The SSID is the name you see on your wireless network if you are looking for open networks via Wi-Fi device. If the default SSID set by the manufacturer, any person who is an open network in the vicinity of his saw, and with a little research on the internet you can find the model number of your router, help them get access to the configuration of your router.

Step 4: Turn off the SSID broadcast. Broadcast SSID, it's just that displayed when searching for open networks in the region, the name of open networks on your device. If your SSID, turn off the transmission, if users search on open networks, not even his own show, so do not know the reason, your wireless network is available. You will still be able to connect to the network, enter the SSID enabled Wi-Fi is in its manual.

Step 5: If available, can WPA2 encryption. If WPA2 is not available, enabling WPA encryption. If it is not available and that WEP is not available, you can find your router's manual or website for more information about updating the firmware of your router. An update of your router can support for WPA or WPA2. If no updates are available for your existing router, you can consider buying a new router like yours is probably very outdated. WPA2 is ideal because it is much more secure than WPA and WEP, in particular.

Step 6: Setting up a pre-shared key or PSK or network key. Regardless of the router, it calls the "Password" on the network. This should not be using the password you changed in step 2 are mixed on the router. Your pre-shared key installation must be impossible to guess, and should be uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters. It is very important to include these provisions make it almost impossible to break, but not so long that it takes 5 minutes to get into all devices. If it is difficult to remember, always available when you need it, call back the configuration of your router.

Step 7: Enable MAC address filtering and MAC address authentication. This step is optional and should only be performed if you are with your visitors, the Wi-Fi, or if they use the equipment your Wi-Fi devices have to be the same. A MAC address is an identifier that almost all the Internet or a network-enabled device, which looks like this: 00:20: E0: 00:41:00. Each device is created has a unique MAC address, so that they are properly identified as an individual in a network. With the MAC-address filtering or authentication, allows you to select specific devices to connect to your wireless network. All external devices unable to connect because their MAC address is not made in the list of approved devices. To add your Wi-Fi is enabled to access the list, you must first set the MAC address of each device. For computers and laptops, you can simply go to Start> Run and type "cmd" without quotes. This opens a command prompt. Then type "ipconfig / all" without quotes and press Enter. Something that "Physical Address", says should appear somewhere near the top. Next to him, you see the MAC address of the computer. Can be used with hyphens between the two characters appear instead of two points, as in the example above. That's fine, just make sure that when you enter the MAC address access list, as it appears in the format requested by the router, you may need to change to all dashes, colons. Do this for all computers that connect to your wireless network. For devices such as iPods, iPads, cell phones, etc., you should use the device information is very likely that in the setup menu (or maybe somewhere else, depending on the device). In this case, when a device is Wi-Fi, is the MAC address. Do this for all non-computer devices that connect to your wireless network and each access to notes. Remember, if you buy a new person or to visit and want to use your Wi-Fi, you need to do this step.

It is important to take all appropriate measures to protect your wireless network to implement, with the exception of the optional step # 7. There are other security measures can be implemented, but the above steps are the most important and necessary to prevent unauthorized access to your wireless network. When you have completed all the steps in this tutorial, you can be sure that your wireless network is now virtually impenetrable.

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Common Defects on the PCs

We use computers all day in our home and work life. This means that at one time or another, we all suffer from shortcomings and common computer problems. Computers are complex and interrelated, but most often faced can be traced to three causes problems every day.

Too long since a reboot

The restart should be the first step to solving any problem that may be on your computer. It fixes some problems, especially once the "one-off" anomalies. Many things will happen during a temporary computer run. Programs and drivers to open and remain open in the memory, the RAM is used up and not be rejected temporary files are created and much more. This is how computers work, but it all adds up and connections over time. To delete all temporary files and restart operations and provides a new beginning, which could explain the strange problems.


Many of the shortcomings of computers, including the freezing of constant pop-up ads, slow performance and crashes, are caused by malware. This is a general term for "malicious software" that both the virus and adware.

Viruses are malicious programs designed to steal information, hijack your computer for illegal purposes, you lock the system, or any number of other negative effects. Adware redirects the browser and the page to unwanted sites, advertising and unwanted software installed which is full of ads and download more promotion codes.

The big problem with adware is that it is specifically written to remove heavy. To do songs from anti-malware programs like Malwarebytes and SUPERAntiSpyware Avast a decent job, though. You need to upgrade, install and run until the results are clean. If the malware remains despite his efforts to eliminate, it is time to secure your data and reinstall Windows.

Background to many programs

During the life of our computers to install many programs. A major problem is that many programs that is launched by default in the list of computers, which means that at the start and starts running in the background does add. This is handy because it will start more quickly when you need it, but it also means a certain amount of memory. Too many programs can run in the background mean that your computer has enough memory for programs that try really has now.

The best way to remove unnecessary background programs to steal resources is to turn off the unit. A Windows program called "msconfig" is a simple way to do this. The best way to do is click on "Start, Run" and type "msconfig". From there, click the "Start". Delete removes an element from the beginning. A word of warning: Keep doubling a window open-source Web browser, or even triple check every item before it expires. Some of these programs are absolutely necessary. If you do consult with yourself, you want a professional repair.

Peter Wendt is a writer and researcher living in Austin, Texas. Over the years he was an authority in PC Repair in Austin. To learn more about it then I recommend a visit to

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5 Tips to Decorate Your Desktop

They say laughter is the best medicine, why go with a kind of wallpaper gray and dull when you can use different wallpaper images funny or fun of everyday life? There are hundreds of websites online that offer computer users in the development and financing of comic hilariously funny funny pictures that make you laugh or even smile!

If you want a refreshing change from the boring office design, then a funny wallpaper is for you. Here are some creative ways to the best free online fun to find:

First You can write the words "funny wallpaper" or "funny pictures" of their search engine and type. They are on different sites that you can download wallpapers for free or at a price to be redirected. You can also choose to find funny pictures on the Web and save the file (if the site allows).

Second Jokes can be funny as wallpaper. Some online sites are full of jokes, cartoons, download visual antics, humorous quotes and many other fun things that can download and save each. If you think these jokes are lame, about your own thinking and open to create a new Word file and save it.

Third If you can not find a site that can put a smile on your face, why not take pictures of fun things around you home, office, on the way to the park or even work while you're on vacation. There's always something fun somewhere as a sign of grace, a funny picture of a custom funny, or even a funny picture of you and your family. Keep these photos and use a photo editing software to further improve the snapshots. Try to crop images to please most people do, fun or details about the numbers of the body to change at will.

4th Have you seen funny stickers? This can make you laugh while you drive or do you groan in despair. You can look for these labels as a wallpaper just for fun online and find the best makes you smile. You can save the image as is or modified by a photo-editing software for a personal one.

5th Your office is too gray and dull as the desktop in the office? Doing things easy and happy with the stuff that can really make everyone laugh, or even fear. There are computer desks can be downloaded online fake to people who want to win meddle in the affairs of its unionized employees. Download do it to the office so if you break at lunchtime or for a bathroom and see her cry of horror, like a zombie boy appears on the screen!

There are a lot more fun wallpapers and funny ideas, you can choose background online. These ideas are fun to make life a little clearer and stress of managing a lot easier.

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About Network Designers

About the Network Designer

This knowledge allows the architects, clients with a network that meets the requirements of availability, security and scalability requirements. The architect has to follow the life cycle phases PPDIOO network planning and engineering. In some small companies, a system administrator can "play" ticket, the role of the network architect and designer. Large companies usually have a team of specialized networks into a single project.

A network designer would take the time to study the organization of the customer and trying to understand the needs of customers on the network. Anticipate this will enable the architect to concerns possible changes in society and developed. An architect is responsible for:

  1. To define consideration of client objectives and constraints, the technical requirements for the new project,
  2. Evaluation of the existing network is installed,
  3. To incorporating the technologies and capabilities of devices to meet specific network,
  4. The siting and interconnection of various network devices and services,
  5. Planning and management of proof of concept test
  6. Help the account managers in creating presentations.

The staff includes network design of highly qualified specialists. The network architect must be current on the network technologies and new design practices best. In addition, a good designer to get professional networks known technical certifications. A very good and recognized certification, the Cisco Certified Design Professional (CCDP) is. By obtaining this certification online first, the designer has shown that the skills needed for a large enterprise network design.

Interpersonal skills

Decent interpersonal skills are important when working with clients. A peaceful and friendly, inspires confidence in customers. The customer must believe that the designer is able to make the necessary tasks to fulfill. The following skills are essential when working with clients: 1 listen and summarize information correctly, 2nd It provides well-organized material in a logical technical. The ability to build relationships with customers is essential. In a business where the relationship of trust reduced several potential problems and contributes significantly to the success of the project for both companies.

To a larger plan must recognize the architect of the network, how users interact with network devices and network services. The designer collects data on all internal and external access to the existing network. In the absence of knowledge of who has access to the corporate network, the designer can follow some of the requirements of the users. Therefore, the design engineer a model that is inappropriate. The failure to create an appropriate design delays and additional costs.

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Determine the Impact of the Application in Network Design

His knowledge that the user, as it is based on the Network Applications.

Often, to provide essential services to network-based applications to users. These services are available in the network are among the most important elements to ensure the demand of the customers and the users are satisfied.

The collection of statistical data from routers, switches, servers and other network devices, you can decide whether a device is operating in accordance with the manufacturer. Are on the other hand, for the procedures are not sufficient to regulate success.

The success is based on, what are the customers, contractors and vendors, network performance is based. From the perspective of end users, application performance depends on the availability and responsiveness.

Application performance must combine customer satisfaction with the standard network parameters such as network performance, or the sum of positive transactions. Application for classification allows the network designer to combine business goals and technical specifications in the design of the network. The classification includes the practical work of network applications: 1 Behavior of applications in network 2 technical requirements of the application, 3 how applications work together on the network.

According to information gathered through the initial phases of the design process, the architect decides which applications are important for the company. The architect to assess how these applications work with the proposed network.

The classification process provides data on the use of bandwidth and response time for certain applications. These factors can really design decisions, such as the selection of the transmission medium or assessments required bandwidth.

Traffic from different applications produce different demands on the network. The network architect identifies four basic types of communication of the application: 1 From customer to customer, 2 Client-server distributed third Client to the server in the farm, 4 Client-to-edge companies. Day, is the first step in applications classification of data both from the network to collect as possible. This data collection contains first Entry into the organization, 2 Verification Network 3 Traffic analysis.

The organization of the input stream contains data about the network and verbal information for network administrators. An examination of the network collects data about network devices, monitors traffic, and shows the details of the current system design. Traffic analysis provides information about the protocols and applications use the network. It can be exposed to errors in the network design. For example, many high-bandwidth applications over the same link generate large amounts of traffic. This represents a potential bottleneck in the design of his.

I hope you flush the foundations of the impact of the application in network design!

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Connect PC to TV

The consumer is faced with a bewildering variety of cable options, if you try to connect to your PC to your TV. You may wonder what to make cables, the highest quality of sound and image, and would perhaps also the different ways that you do connect your TV and PC with one another must. HDMI cables are by far the most popular cable choice now, but consumers are badly about their options for connecting your TV to the computer information.

So what are the "More Options" to connect the PC to the TV?

If your computer or PC via a USB port or 'socket', there are many products in many online stores that lets you make audio and video wirelessly from your PC to your TV with a take over Port HDMI or (even ). Fortunately, nearly all HDTVs sold in the UK equipped with an HDMI port, and each new 3D TV has an HDMI interface.

The mini-USB and Micro USB Wireless PC to TV

Some laptops, PCs, tablet PCs, PDAs and even a mini-USB or micro USB ports, and thus to transmit audio and video wirelessly to one of these devices have, you need a Micro-USB to USB connector (Type A) USB adapter or mini-USB (type A) adapter to use a wireless PC-TV banner.

Sign iPhone or iPod screen TV with an HDMI cable.

If you connect your iPhone or iPhone to your TV screen, you can do so using an Apple 30-pin dock connector to HDMI (Type A) in conjunction with an HDMI (Type A) 1.4 cable. This combination of adapter and cable can also be used with the iPhone and iPod touch.

There are a variety of HDMI cables to consumers today that can not be good for consumers. Due to fierce competition, consumers have the power, durability and quality of transmission as low as 46p needed for an HDMI cable. It would be better to recommend any type of HDMI 1.4 to a trusted online retailer.

Is it worth spending money on a flashy HDMI cable?

If you have only your hard earned money to spend on a 42 "HDTV, you may think that spending on a 40" delivers cap premium "HDMI cable provides better picture quality, but it is generally believed that about 9, 99 is a appropriate amount to: (to reach a good compromise between price and quality) to spend on an HDMI cable if you need a cable longer than 3 meters. longer HDMI cables tend to cost more than 10, but they are certainly a viable alternative to connect PC to TV wirelessly.

If you do not know your connection PC or TV, use an online configurator to find a PC and on television and modeling. If you do not know to associate the brand and model of PC and TV, you can also search for the type of cable.

If your laptop does not have an HDMI input, but it has a VGA port, you have two options:

Option one: Buy a VGA (Male) to VGA (male) cable, a VGA to HDMI converter box, an HDMI cable (male) to HDMI (male) and cable with 3.5 mm jack on RCA

Second option: If your PC via a USB port, use that instead and buy a wireless PC to TV Streamer

The first option is to cost about the same as the wireless PC to TV streaming, because the VGA to HDMI converter cost at least $ 39.99.

Most wireless devices PC measured TV serpentine at a working distance of 30 feet, so if your PC to TV wirelessly to plan from afar, it is preferable to an HDMI cable to use High-quality VGA cable and HDMI-to- VGA converter with a 3.5 mm jack to RCA.

You need a 3.5mm mini-jack to RCA to connect via VGA-VGA, because not carry the audio signal. VGA ports to be used in conjunction with a 3.5 mm mini-jack to RCA to connect the PC to the TV.

If you have a recent Apple laptop or PC, is probably a hold on the Apple Mini DisplayPort connector Ray have. Most of the new Mini DisplayPort adapters and cables are compatible with Apple Beam to the PC to the TV, so if you want to connect your Mini DisplayPort-equipped device or Apple LED Ray for Apple, you can use a cable Lightning. As a HDMI cable, Thunderbolt is also the audio signal.

To connect your Apple Mini DisplayPort or Ray PC, desktop, laptop, netbook or a tablet to your HDTV HDMI, you can use a Mini DisplayPort to HDMI or HDMI-ray from Apple.

Some new TVs come with a DVI (DVI or analog or digital integrated DVI-DVI). DVI cables do not carry the audio signal, so it has a 3.5 mm mini-jack to RCA to be used.

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Convenient Printing of Samsung 320-325

The Samsung 320-325 series is the best laser printer for your office. It provides the ability to quickly and efficiently printing services via a touch-screen printing and print quality.

Your print job can easily use the number of the printer easy to be done by Samsung. It has a convenient touch screen for the user interface that enables printing simple and easy with no quality loss. The speed and efficiency is offset by the circulation, the pressure of high-quality monochrome and color at up to 2400 x 600 dpi.

This printer can print, powerful Samsung vivid colors with an elegant and minimalist, with its sleek black and gray finish. This stylish and compact printer in speed makes it ideal for every part of your home or office.

The printer can easily print images and documents displayed on the monitor directly to the page with a lighter touch. This printer has a print option screen is structurally in the printer control panel, you can print anything on the screen with ease in seconds. You can do this with a unique touch to do. This gives you the ability to print what you want, any time within a very short time.

Samsung printer series 320-325 is ideal for small spaces, compact and very busy office. The compact built this printer is ideal for any office offers plenty of room for your other tasks performed. You can also enjoy the simple power button on the front for easy access and simple design and comfortable.

When it comes to color the page dynamically. To comply with color accuracy and print quality performance of this innovative machine is in the tip. It allows you to print high-quality color at any time.

With the use of Samsung series 320 to 325, it is preferable that you will not believe your ears. Unlike other brands of printers, it can hang on to consider the report of the printer, the printing is complete. This printer is quiet and there is a great machine if you do not want to be distracted. Samsung developed the machine to avoid the impression loud.

This printer offers fast print speeds. For printing in black with up to 16 pages per minute while 4 pages per minute in color. The recommended resolution to obtain the actual production is about 2400 x 600 dpi.

Some trouble finding a printer toner is to ensure that the parties and the printer is compatible with your own printer. Usually when you buy a printer from Samsung, which is a toner cartridge with the printer is already installed. If you are not sure what type of toner needs, you can always check the product manual.

The series is the operating system compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 2008, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Mac OS X 10.3, Mac OS X 10.4, Mac OS X 10.5, Mac OS X 10.6 and some Linux operating systems.

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