Fundamentals of Cisco Router Security

Today we hear the word "router", but what is a router? Well, in short, is a Cisco router is an electronic device for the data channel on the Internet, where it is supposed to go.

As a former telephone operator and the change in the style of your old phone that placed in the female connector to connect to some degree people. The router works the same way, only that they be faster and more effectively able to handle a huge amount of data on the Internet, sometimes up to 125 megabytes or 125 megabytes of data per second for the new Gigabit high-speed Internet access.

The work of the Cisco router in a typical home network is the way the data to the computer that you are applying for them. How it is done by identifying each computer that is connected to the router individually and called with a bit IP address. IP stands for Internet Protocol. This is exactly where the team.

Remember that in contrast to sites that are designated org addresses of devices that use the Internet are identified by numbers. These are the numbers that identify each device that is connected to a router.

Another use of the Cisco router to allow more than one device simultaneously using the Internet to access the Internet. In contrast to a switch or hub of the Internet, the router can generate its own IP address is connected to each device in order to identify it.

Recently it has been the emergence of the Cisco router, wireless cable connection. The wireless connection is basically the same as a wired connection, just use a different communication standard for the devices to connect to it.

In fact, there are different types of routers. What is known for a lot of people are usually sold in computer stores. There are also certain types of Cisco routers, which is used in business. These are not typical router you buy for your home network. The router that can handle a large number of Internet connections and linkages prior to release for servers. These routers have more than one system to manage all data in order to distribute loads on different client computers.

These routers are large and usually not very expensive, not because they offer the best types of routing data, but the protection afforded by this type of Cisco routers, which will pay for itself in the use of large organizations , the data must be protected and routing services routers offer this great.

To ensure that all computers are in your home or office network to the protection and efficient management of Internet traffic, Cisco router, the best option.


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