How to Improve Network

The main objective of quality service is a priority and are committed bandwidth, reduce latency and less jitter and packet loss eventually.

By establishing the quality of service standards for a business that is important to note that the traffic requires special treatment. Network architects should consider how the quality of service problems not only on the network equipment, but also applications that use the network. The employer, the service quality to identify the basis of two measures: the rate at which the network meets their needs and ease of use applications.

Quality service helps to reduce these problems. Multiple Cisco network devices are equipped with quality of service mechanisms. Specific applications are very sensitive to bandwidth requirements, packet delay, jitter and packet loss. IP telephony and real-time video streaming nor any particular treatment.

Requirements of the IP-telephony

Voice traffic requires more than just a connection between the devices. The transfer quality is very important. If delays occur, the voices are separated, and the sound is distorted. IP telephony requires that the quality of service mechanisms are activated. It is important that the language of a low latency, low jitter, and have directly on the individual along a predetermined path.

Streaming video needs

Streaming video is a sound system that is normally sent from the recorded files. This power of the media is sent as multicast, so that many employers see the current can, at the same time. In a network without QoS, all TCP / IP packets are treated equally and therefore suffer from real-time applications.

QoS policies do not create more bandwidth, of course. Alternatively, the priority use of the bandwidth to support new technologies like IP telephony. QoS handles the traffic priority of network convergence.

Voice and data traffic

In a convergence of networks, contests continuously with small packets of voice traffic with data from large asymmetric flows and file transfers. Although usually the packets, the voice traffic in a network are not great, the delays that occur when crossing the network, creating a low voice quality. Files in real-time applications have the same ratio as they are received, processed. Therefore uses the User Datagram Protocol VoIP That a transport protocol is best. On the other hand, packages, file transfers usually large. These packages use the Transmission Control Protocol.

It is likely that the diffusion part of a data file, but you can not voice mail dialogue. Therefore, the voice and video traffic have higher priority over data traffic.


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