Charities and Technology

I worked in the IT industry for several years and a good portion of that time he worked with the nonprofit sector. I worked for charities directly through the department and also worked for IT services to support charities.

Meanwhile, I noticed a common theme with charities such as searching for their services. Most charities or contract computer supplier you can find cheaper or based on a "standard" that one of the managers and employees know how to fix any computer problems.

Not all IT providers to offer the best service necessarily bad service, some of which offer big discounts to charity for a very good service. However, many low level, because the staff and the capabilities of their service bureaus. The staff is the biggest expense for a computer company and can not offer much lower rates, either because it has a lot of their employees directly out of school or do not have enough staff.

With a company that is cheap for these reasons, or someone who has the confidence to help kindly volunteered their time is almost always more expensive in the long run, for two reasons:

Fixing shoddy work generally costs more, does not get it right the first time lost through tough place IT costs, a lot of money

Even for a good cause very small staff of 15 to 20 days of downtime a year can cost tens of thousands of employees at the time. These costs are not normally taken into account when weighing options for an IT contract.

I think all organizations can and should have good IT systems and excellent support for systems without breaking the bank to have. I think a lot of charities would be more efficient with the money donated, if you spent a little more into it to find a professional company to take care of it was - the best by someone.

Thus, my ambition has long run a company that combines professional service with affordable charity offers.

If you are involved in a charity, one that you end up with him as IT service providers - consider the long-term costs, not just the amount you pay for the contract if you sign up. In the long run saves thousands.

APS infrastructure ( provides affordable, professional and easy solutions for businesses and charities. These include desktop support, server support and accommodation, event production, network and much more.


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