3 Keys For Business PC Support

As a computer technician to address the many areas at work for a small business, from solving problems, updating software, enabling users of fire, among others. It is very easy to get lost in the immediate suffering of the day, while the main features are ignored. It is important to take time to address these three important points for their customers.

Disaster Recovery. To encourage customers to protect their data and prepare early breakdowns. Make sure you have good backups, onsite, offsite and online if possible. Make a timetable for the restoration of data to test. You want to ensure that the recovery process works before you need it. Records of good backups and a notification system, if something is wrong, such as your e-mail goes so you can immediately fix any problems with the backup systems. Over 75 percent of small businesses have no disaster recovery plan, but many of them, they could stay in the difference between business or not, in the event of a disaster mean that fire, theft, flood, etc. work on the protection of customer data and systems that you and care about you instead.

The fault tolerance for critical systems. Companies rely on databases and applications to manage their business processes. Creating fault tolerance and redundancy of critical systems to minimize downtime when a breakdown of the equipment or software. This includes the hardware fault tolerance, such as enabling servers with redundant power supplies, UPS and Smart RAID 1, 5 or 10, etc., emergency plans simple, but realistic, which can be tested and have a good chance of being implemented, if this is necessary.

Appropriate documentation. Whether you use a database, special software or even a simple spreadsheet, document your customer information system. Such things as passwords, IP addresses, key software, hardware and subscription information and contact the software manufacturer. This documentation must be provided. Based on this information to track when you need it can lead to unnecessary downtime and could hundreds of thousands of potential customers of dollars in lost revenue cost and support costs. Be sure to give this information to your customers, do not stand on its own feet. Hold the client as a hostage. So the hero and do your due diligence in advance. If you explain the value and benefits of a well-documented that you are happy to pay for this service.


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