Design Considerations for Remote Users

This access must be easy to use, and usually not Equivalent Privacy or Wi-Fi Wired. This invited users to join the network, the SSID must be configured to be transmitted.

A large number of points requested access devices use to use the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Server Host and record wireless monitor. Guest users have Wi-Fi network with a browser like Internet Explorer to access. The registration system is user information about the customer and the hardware address and then begins to record the Internet Protocol traffic. These systems require an application server on the same network segment as the access point.

Secure User

There is Wi-Fi devices on the market that does not allow remote user access. To protect access to the user, with a completely isolated from the WLAN infrastructure, which contains no guest access. The best approach is for internal users in different VLANs. In areas where there are protected to some wireless devices, media access control address filtering used to control access is limited. The edge of the enterprise is the area where the network links to the corporate network to external networks. Routers in the commercial offer connectivity between the inner edge of the site and the Internet are. It will also connect to remote users over the area of ​​wireless network. Requirements of the project on the margins of society are different from those in the campus network.

The cost of bandwidth

Many local area networks based on Ethernet technology. On the other hand, WAN connectivity across the enterprise is often rented to a third party service providers. Because these services are very expensive alkylated, the available bandwidth in the WAN is often much less than the bandwidth offered to the LAN.

Quality of Service

Can make the difference in bandwidth between the LAN and WAN congestion. This congestion, bottlenecks are also called to make that data to form a line to edge routers. A QoS policy to manage and prevent plurality of data. Therefore, the planning and implementation of large-LAN connections can be complex.


Because users are required to the network detected by the edge routers not always security at the periphery of the network. Intrusion Detection and stateful firewall filtering should be applied to protect the internal network from threats.

Remote Access

In many cases, LAN services to extend beyond the edge of the office and remote users. This approach has different requirements, given that the degree of public access to users who are connected to the LAN via the Internet.


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