The Advantages Of Using Cisco VOIP

Cisco VoIP is similar to the call on the phone, only instead of conventional copper cables and analog PBX, which routes the call to VoIP uses the Internet to route your calls.In a business or your clarity of the voice clarity is important, Cisco VoIP unprecedented in comparison to a conventional telephone system. Normally, if the company is based on the client in order to make calls to your business, call quality is mainly because the voice quality of the client and the customer service is an essential to end the call and provide benefits for the company that runs .

But there is an increasing use of Cisco VoIP calls to and from the leadership of the company, not just the support. To distinguish the management of the company, you can imagine the face of the support that the agent receives a call from the client. What the customer wants, the agent must be able to hear clearly and respond appropriately.

Management of the company include employees who are traveling on business or accounting, the writers who explore the reception of incoming calls from potential customers, etc. The people who own businesses and the public the advantages of Cisco VoIP will replace, with the conventional PBX.

Despite the phone system or PBX handles all incoming and outgoing calls that go to most departments of the company, use a growing number of companies, a hybrid VoIP and traditional PBX in the management of calls to and from the departments and / from the business side.

The main difference is the use of VoIP speech quality and effectiveness of the system uses. While still on the bandwidth of Internet connection, you can take advantage of VoIP, allowing progress in the field of data compression can be integrated more voice channels in a data channel consists of a single ordinary phone line. This means that if you can compress up to 7 to 10 voice channels in your data line of the actual speed Internet, which corresponds with 10 people talking to each other with a normal telephone line.

Not only that, while you are in a position to voice data in real time over the Internet as any other to compress used, they are still in a position to the rest of the Internet for other purposes such as management use web applications for Cisco VoIP, use the search for answers to questions that you have given customers or even to follow the customers you have to remember more.

The main advantage of using Cisco VoIP is the huge amount of voice data channels that can be used on ordinary telephone lines. This is supported by the fact that VoIP with earlier versions of traditional telephone systems connected together so that you can call someone worse everywhere in the world in real time.


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