The Importance Of Network Cable Test

It is important to test a network cable after installation of cable test tools. Many things can go wrong during the installation, the cables are damaged, can break through the isolation and connections can not be completed successfully. In addition, electrical noise and the environment on the network performance. In most cases, after completion of a project to install the network, is an obligation, a report indicating that the cable passes each of the many parameters required to prepare. Cable testing assures the customer that all work has been performed to the required standard. Prevent test network cable and that the client calls to tell you how to change it to a new port and the connection does not try, therefore, must be a bad cable cable.Network test depends largely on the cable end. For example, in the case of a telephone cable, it requires fewer parameters during the test, but if it is a Category 5e or 6 data cables, a detailed series of tests is required to ensure that you are able to cover the lack of data rate . The tests are much stricter in this plane.

Smaller, less expensive cable tester, a mapping tool, the wire used to ensure that pairs of cable is properly connected to the pin on the system in use. These individual cable testers are inexpensive and can save you time. The tool can be used to check for open pairs, swaps and shorts. Son of open pairs is not attached to the end. This is usually a result of the cables at each end that are not the completion of a background markers are pushed. Small Testers can also check the continuity and the length of a cable to a switch port is patched.

A cable tester can test the cable length. Although it detailed specifications for all types of work of the wire, which varies depending on the type of the cable and the use of the network installation. It is therefore advisable to be careful not to exceed the allowable limit for a project of the cable network. It may rather drawing on paper, but there is a need to take a look after the installation is complete. Network cable testing ensures that the cable is at the desired height.

In most cases, the installation of network cables, there is always the degradation of signals transmitted along the cable lines. This condition is known as mitigation. With an increase of a network connection, the signals may be lost. This is very common in faster networks. Cable Testing with a good tester for the detection of this defect may, whenever it happened.

It is important to test all network cables after installation to ensure that all cables are correctly installed and the installation is completed and able, can provide the level of data rate and quality. All cables, regardless of how small to attempt the task. It makes no sense to leave the problems with the wiring and do not try to return calls. It gives your company a professional reputation.

The tests mentioned above and many others are required in a cable network test tool is to check the installation. There are other tools outside of the control unit, but the cable tester is the most important. The investment in a cable tester, you save time and money in the long run. The satisfaction of your customers and increase the reputation of your company to the next level.


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