Technical Docs Through the Cloud

Technical Docs the cloud

Cloud computing has recently emerged among the favors of your computer. Also included is the SaaS (software as a service) development. Instances of cloud computing is Google's Gmail - a contrast to install locally on your PC, installed on a remote server using the Internet user is browser.Question, progress, technical documentation in the same direction? We will see some approaches.

Why are the clouds?

There are several reasons that cloud-based technical writer to use tools for creating do come to light.

First is the cost factor. Instead of buying a connected application, the cloud on the tools, are usually a monthly fee. If you go to a DITA environment, cloud computing can mean spending a viable option. Is generally a cost associated with acquiring an option to DITA is an excellent example.

Here are some other reasons in the cloud depends on the tools are an economical solution.

Where can I rent a technical device or contractors, the cloud can add a fast and easy way to provide computer editing system.Cloud in general, how on a collaborative writing context.In cases that went to a technical editor work outside, making the cloud offers the possibility of minor changes to the documentation at a later date.

Check in / out of appearance

If your company has a personal or remote collaborative writing, which is not really necessary to change a cloud depends on the system. Tools for companies such as FrameMaker and RoboHelp to use a check in / out design instead of a cloud model-dependent. Technical writers can change the content of an article, then it from afar. The writer, then you can check the content back to the topic by email.

For check in / out working model to help you make must be installed on the computers of the author. You can also keep tabs as you type. However, this is an approach worthy of reflection.

Cloud Leaders

Several companies have employees on their existing network remote controlled blinds. The Company expects that the personal cloud - a VPN (virtual private network). Basically, the guys decide if the teleworker that have network access.

Alternatively, you may be given a personal cloud of State. A server in the cloud may be using the Amazon EC2 service options, or by companies such as Rackspace or Azure.

If you do not inform people of IT to create your own VPN chosen to ensure that their company IT policy.

The reason for the choice of a cloud depends on the system as is the case in the technical department of the letter, as it is with other groups. As time passes, it is likely that this service can take a flight.

Melvin Fernandes is a developer of information in Duchakki. Responsible for technical documentation and preservation of content. His expertise is in writing technical documentation (paper and online), help text and content development.

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