System Helpdesk

System helpdesk support system is an aid of information and information provider replacement which handles troubleshooting computer-related or similar problems.
Who frequently use the system helpdesk services are companies or organizations, usually companies providing  
system helpdesk facilities for its customers through a direct connection line services, websites, and email. There is also an internal system helpdesk which provides system helpdesk facilities only for its employees.

In general, a system helpdesk system has several functions, the main function is to provide a forum for users to accommodate problems in various kinds of computers. Usually helpdesk managed by using a helpdesk software, such as a tracking system that allows it to track users with a unique record number, also called a "Local Bug Tracker" or LBT. Helpdesk software often becomes a very useful tool to search, analyze and minimize the problems that commonly occur in an organization's computer environment.

Some of the helpdesk have different levels in handling various types of problems. At the first level helpdesk is prepared to answer the questions most frequently questioned by the user and provides solution based on the knowledge base. Helpdesk on a large scale generally have a team that is responsible in managing the system.
commonly, the helpdesk on a large scale has several teams that are responsibility for different issues.
An analyst has a computation time for task such as reviewing the issue, answering phone calls, and also answered questions on email.


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