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Spam or junk mail is an abuse of the electronic news delivery to display advertisements news and other necessities causing discomfort to the web users. Spam is commonly known spam e-mail (electronic messaging), instant messaging spam, Usenet newsgroup spam, Web search engine spam, spam blogs, spam news on mobile phones, Internet forum spam, and others. Spam is very annoying because it usually comes a barrage of unsolicited and often unwanted by the recipient.

At each mail server, usually already have systems against spam filters. So you do not have to worry if your email got spam / junk. For example one of the mail server who has been very widely used ie gmail, already has an automatic "gmail spam filter" systems.

"Gmail spam filters" also work in IMAP client, automatically insert messages into the spam folder if the message is suspected gmail as a spam. So gmail suggests to turn off "spam filter" system that is in your IMAP client.
Sometimes gmail identify non-spam emails as spam, you can restore the mail into the 'inbox' by clicking the button "not spam". And gmail is also sometimes incorrectly identify spam so entered into the folder 'inbox', you can insert spam into the spam folder by clicking the "report as spam".

Here I will discuss about how to manually filter out spam on gmail. You can filter by email address or the words of the email content that we think is spam, of course, with using gmail spam setting facilities.

  1. Login to your gmail account first
  2. Click the settings link on the right above.

    Or click the gear
    icon and select the mail settings
  3. Then to create a new spam filter, click filters > create new filter
  4. Text box will appear that you fill with your desired criteria based spam email addresses or words from the email content, etc..
  5. In this section are the commands that you can choose to email / word that you think is SPAM. Choose you think is best for your comfort. After that press the Create Filter to finish. You've just created a new "spam filters". Such filters can be edited if you feel less confident.  
Good Luck...!!!


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