SQL Server In Suspect Database Status

Suspect database status is often the case in SQL Server 2005/2000, this is because a lot of things, one of them because of power outages. There are several ways to restore the database with the status of suspect, one of them as below:

  1. In Enterprise Manager SQL Server 2000 / 2xxx, create a database with the same name as the database is corrupted
  2. Point the database file and log the new database according to the location of the damaged database file.
  3. Stop the SQL Server service.
  4. Replace or copy the database file (. mdf and. ldf) which supect to the directory or folder newly created database file.
  5. Run the following scripts in Query Analyzer :
    use master
    sp_configure ‘allow updates’, 1
    select status from sysdatabases where name = ‘nama database’
    update sysdatabases set status= 32768 where name = ‘nama database’
  6. Create a bin database, for example: db_generate (you can make it with whatever name you want)
  7. Right click on the first database, then select All Task, and then select Export. Then navigate the destination dabatase to the bin database created earlier.
  8. Click on the process to completion. Congratulations, you got back data from damaged database in the bin database that you created.
  9. Run the script below in Query Analyzer :
    use master
    sp_configure ‘allow updates’,

SQLServerRecoveryToolboxSetup : This is software for recovery sql server, I've never tried. but if you need it please click to download.

Tips: Backup first your database files that will be used in repair


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