Is There Someone Intruding on Your Home or Office Wireless Network?

Broadband wireless has become very popular because of its simplicity and ease of access to the Internet. Unfortunately, it leaves us vulnerable to serious security breaches in which they could carry out our information and transaction costs to hazards.

This utility vehicle parked on the streets of your home can be a thief from the Internet via a mobile device to use its wireless network to download pornography or other activities that do not return to their own computer.

Likes a spammer can with an unsecured network at home or without access point Wi-Fi connection, an IP address to connect to an open mail relay somewhere on the Internet, please send a million e-mails and it seems that from your Internet connection.

It is necessary to note that anyone driving by your house to your wireless network to see and maybe even be able to access it. Intrusions and disruptions that can lead to this, some problems with law enforcement and / or Internet service provider.

Wireless networks are loose borders, the other teams receive the signal and allow you to use without his knowledge defined. If illegal aliens to your network that can easily steal your confidential information access and download files.

Now, before you fret, there are some simple ways to help you get a secure wireless network.

• Install and update anti-virus and anti-spyware on a regular basis

• Do you regularly scan for viruses on your computer

• Turn off your network when not in use

Wireless router to send a beacon called the Service Set Identifier (SSID) that contribute to wireless devices such as laptops connect to the Internet. The main goal of the wireless signal is transmitted to SSID and available devices in the area to invite them to join.

Most of the points of the wireless router for broadband access and publish this SSID. While this makes it easier to connect to the network, but also tell everyone that you are using a wireless network. Disabling this extension prevents other easy to know that you are using a wireless network.

You can keep outsiders away some of the parameters to change the SSID. If a device does not know, do not connect to an SSID of the network in the situation. Therefore, if you change the SSID, only people who know the SSID to be able to connect to your wireless network. To improve security, it is best to allow only specific computers to access your wireless network.

You can change the connection to the router and the password to the default settings. Most routers are named "default", which is very easy to crack by hackers. Change the router password before sunset for the administration and make sure it is strong enough. The stronger the password the harder it is to crack for hackers. If you use your phone in your home, you must now stop and go and change it to another number! It is too easy to decode.

It's a good idea to try the wireless router as close as possible to place the center of your home or office. This will ensure that the signal is strong throughout the home or office and reduces the chances of the wireless signal is filtered.

You need the encryption to prevent unauthorized aliens. This prevents the router that provides access to all wireless devices, offers unless the specified password. Also encrypt the communication so that no one be able to see what happens between your computer and the router. Select the encryption method that is compatible with your computer configuration. If you have a choice, use Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA), because it stronger than Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) is.

Here are some suggestions for a secure wireless network. However, each router is different, for security, please contact the manufacturer's manual. It can give detailed instructions, adapted to your wireless network to keep intruders. If you need help, call a professional to help you ... It will be interesting.


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