Corrupt BKF File Repair Tool to Fix "The Fixed Media Is Full..."

Importance of protection: If you are a business organization, where to buy it have no obligation for regular information in such a situation, it is important to protect your critical data on a reliable backup plan, so if there is any setback as a power failure, natural disasters, viruses, hackers, hardware failure, malfunction, operating system, system crashes remain the data in these dramatic situations, and secure. File Backup is the best cure for lost database that can be used, to protect critical databases.

To take backup utility NTBackup: NTBackup utility is integrated with Microsoft Windows NT Windows editions. However, in recent versions of Windows, the utility does not come with Windows, but users can online because it is available free of charge. The backup of the database with this utility are stored in with.bkf file extension and then users can restore the backup file every time there is a lack of availability of original data or no data loss situation.

Corruption in BKF files, the more dark and disturbing at the BKF files is that they are susceptible to corruption due to the failure of hardware / software, operating system failure, low storage capacity of the system is FAT file system catalog of the missing files, etc. Because of this factors are the backup files into the danger zone and decays, so that the entire database inaccessible to the user. In such situations, the file is damaged backup repair tool provides help is needed to repair BKF files.

Consider a scenario: Suppose you created the backup of the database using the NTBackup utility on the file system FAT or FAT32, and when it was restored, he met with the following error message:

"[Insert media]
The fixed media is full. It can not store all data in this disk device specified.
The backup operation is canceled. "

Once this error message on the screen, the process of backing up data files and may therefore not always the BKF file. This error message occurs because the FAT file system is FAT32 and has a maximum storage capacity of 4GB and only if the backup data exceeds size is the size limit, it defaults to inform this error message pop up, users of the corruption in the backup file and the need to backup repair tool may be damaged.

The best tool to repair corrupt BKF files: In order to effectively retrieve the backup file, you can be confident BKF Recovery software has simple and advanced techniques to restore the backup database. The software is capable enough to fight corruption and solve scenarios of error messages effectively. The software runs smoothly and seamlessly with Windows XP, Vista, 2003, 2ooo operating system.

The company is a manufacturer of farm fields, such as ion-tools data recovery, backup recovery, email migration, etc. With BKF recovery software which has a knack for the confidence of the user tool repair corrupt BKF files to users.


Sonika Rawat said...

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Stanley D. Middleton said...

In order to Restore Ntbackup (.bkf) files after corrupt of original Backup data of windows XP, the recommended solution is to use:

Alfred Palmer said...
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Alfred Palmer said...

Well, I would like to refer this user-friendly Stellar Phoenix BKF Recovery Tool to restore your all data from windows backup files instantly. This software is also supported by all versions of back up files created with Windows 95 / 98 / ME / NT / 2K / XP / 2003 backup utilities and VERITAS Software.

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Markmohan said...

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Jeff Turner said...
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Jeff Turner said...

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Maria Clark said...

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Anonymous said...

If a BKF file, created by NT-Backup utility, gets corrupted, you can't restore any thing from it. A corrupted BKF file becomes inaccessible and can't be restored by NT-Backup utility. In such situation, you have to try some third-party :-

Zenobia Joseph said...

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Cloudia Peter said...

I would like to suggest you take help of BKF Recovery Software that guarantees to repair and restore the data from corrupted BKF files. The tool is well integrated with advance features and allows user to recover data from MS BKF files quickly.
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