Drones Start To Play A Law Enforcement Role

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) were an important part of our military operations for years. Now I can finally play a role in civilian life too.

It was publicly announced this month that authorities be an unmanned Predator B aircraft used to avoid a potentially violent confrontation in North Dakota in June, this is the first known use of a drone to make an arrest.

The problems began when six cows, estimated at $ 6,000, he walked a couple of members of peasant families in the Sovereign Citizen movement, an anti-government group that the FBI considers extremists. When to investigate Nelson County Sheriff Kelly Janke, arrived, he was allegedly threatened with a weapon. The police were reluctant to make a second attempt, the property, the fear that this violent confrontation leading to a visit. So I borrowed a U.S. drone Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

With the buzz that the police be able to keep one eye was on the family. Only after taking the drone thermal imaging camera revealed that the family had left their weapons behind the police could move into a property search, police found four rifles, two shotguns, bows and arrows and a number of samurai swords and six cows. Alex, Thomas and Jacob Brossart, all brothers, were arrested for assaulting the sheriff on his first visit.

The last time I wrote about the promise of the use of unmanned aircraft for civilian use in late September, before the role of unmanned aircraft in the case of North Dakota known. At that time, I argued that the drones could play an important role in the safety of every play now, without our fundamental rights. This new information shows, dass

The drone of the police in North Dakota was used, was one of eight held by CBP. Bill Macki, head of the police SWAT team that helped make the arrests, he said drones are used several times since then. "Everything we have an advantage, try to give them a call," he said. Janke, sheriff, said in a telephone interview with the Los Angeles Times that the drones are useful because they take to the police, their time and "methodical plan" approach, rather than be forced to "allow fire to surrender . "(1) Since drones can stay air for long periods, particularly useful if the suspects could be anywhere in a vast area, which is a common situation in sparsely populated North Dakota are.

However, most of the drones in this country have not yet made his debut on American soil. The military and the CIA are given a priority in this technology, which makes sense. However, under the Posse Comitatus Act and the regulations of the Department of Defense, the Army is prohibited from participating in the work of the national police. The CIA is also strictly limited to operations outside the United States. The fact that organizations such as CBP and Coast Guard under the Department of Homeland Security, rather than the Department of Defense are open options for devices that are used for residential purposes, although some aircraft with 7500 km may limit ground patrol of eight CBP does not have much downtime.

The arrival of UAVs in civilian life was also urged to concerns over their ability, the safety of other objects in the sky prevented, delayed. The Federal Aviation Administration today exercised strict control over the use of UAVs in the airspace.

Although the technology develops, however, the bureaucratic hurdles to that could prevent the entry of civil UAV sky when it is safe for them to be there to concentrate. We do not want a dangerous precedent by replacing a poor control of military security, intelligence and border to the civil law. In fact, I've written before about the problems, to extend their reach when CBP officers arise as to the limits. But the case of North Dakota offers a model of how organizations with different missions, valuable equipment such as UAVs share, during the actual performance of their duties. I see no reason why the police or other authorities could not borrow equipment and personnel of the armed forces remained in the same way, as long as civilian agencies have full control over all civil actions.

Drones are national assets, paid for and maintained by U.S. taxpayers. The taxpayers deserve the best of your assets can provide. If monitoring drones can help our military insurgents, then it must also help to be able to monitor our internal armed marshals and ensure that the cattle can be spirited back home safely.


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