Don't Buy Extended Warranties

Have a new computer can be daunting, especially if you do not have someone in the family who can help solve. The "Peace of Mind" the market is very attractive to traders, the equipment they offer great ease your fears by extended warranties, which can be for almost every electronic device they bought there. For these companies is an excellent opportunity for pure profit with little risk, since the final decision on how they are "satisfied" depends on them - not the client. I have personally seen companies prioritize the sale of service plans, call back to customers eligible claims.

If an electronic device will fail, chances are he will lead. Your standard policy covers 15-30 days to return it if you have bought it, from a reputable dealer. Let yourself be guided not by an engineer astray tell you that something is "designed to be replaced every two or three years" because it is likely that someone is trying to sell something. Electronic devices for a period of one long time if you take care of them, in fact I am writing this on a PC I built 7 years ago.

If you feel more comfortable with an alternative plan, then try this: every month, reaping $ 20 in the top drawer. After two years are about $ 500 - more than the cost of a good PC these days. If you find that your computer is still going strong after two years, and then you just won $ 500! If you find that you do not need repair, the services of a business is less than the big companies a lot of overhead and marketing, they need to compensate, and the prices are inflated accordingly. Small retailers must work harder to get (and keep) your customer base, as such, I personally have dedicated service to the honest, efficient, and suffered for my needs in these locations.

The extended warranty market feeds mostly uninformed. The best defense is to educate yourself and find someone you trust to help you get off from time to time. It is true that all things will fail, but do not feel obliged to buy peace of mind, just because someone says that you need. Insurance is the insurance - it only benefits the buyer, if the claim must be made. Otherwise, only benefits the seller.

Daniel Bradburry
IT Consultant
McKinney IT


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