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Files and greater over time. Most computers and peripherals online video streaming support now and other large file transfers. A house can have multiple computers to access the internet and transfer large files at once. Many online computer repair tools announced the acceleration of the speed of communication devices. So what makes for fast data transfer? This article describes the communication speed can be increased on your computer.

The transmission speed is a function of the speed of transmission bits per second, the quantity of data in each fragment (frame) of the transmitted data and the error rate (eg, one (1) error bit in the transmitted bits 10,000 or less ). Ads from this makes it a communication channel, the channel fast and efficient data transfer.

In the early '80s communication between computers used analog phone line to dial channels. Mid 1980, the first Small Office Home Office (SOHO) local networks (LAN) have been sold. These allow all computers on a home or office in order to share data between them. Over time, the communication speeds have increased dramatically. That made a difference in performance, since communication is the most important factor for the efficiency of communication is the transmission speed in bits per second.

The rate of transmission over an analog telephone line channel has started at 300 bits per second (bps) or 30 characters per second in 1980. Soon rose to 1,200 basis points, then, 9600 bps, and more than 56,000 bits per second (kbps). Could support speeds of 56 Kbps is faster than an analog telephone channel. Internet connections are broadband connections, which began with a speed of 768 Kbps - 1.5 Mbps Internet and the Internet. The coaxial cable and fiber optic cable systems offer a variety of speeds from 5 Mbps to 35 Mbps / 150 Mbps downstream up/15. Comcast and Verizon say it often hits first because it is the largest and most impressive. The speeds are not identical, since less data on the Internet that is downloaded from the Internet, will be sent.

LAN speeds in the mid-80s, started at 10 million bits per second (Mbps), then increased to 100 Mbps, and today we have a Giga or billion bits per second (Gbps).

The hard drive interface first data units in parallel at a rate of 33 mega or million bytes per second (Mbps) transfer. Corresponds to about 330 bits per second Mbps speeds increase the speed of 66.7 Mbps, 100 Mbps over. At that time, the new series of AT Attachment (SATA) was introduced, the transmission rate jumped from 1.5 gigabits per second (Gbps), immediately after, 3 and 6 Gbps today. These communication speeds were and are necessary to keep transmitted with the volume of data between computers in a computer.

If the data transmission devices such as Web pages, video files and other large files, the file is divided into pieces and send some, both the receiving computer. Sometimes, depending on the communication channel, a wired LAN (LAN) channel or a channel for the local network, there are transmitted data blocks incorrect. In this case, the erroneous bits retransmitted. So there is a relationship between fragment size and the error rate in each channel.

The wisdom of the configuration is that if the error rate is the fragment size must be at the top of small pieces and have fewer errors requiring retransmission. The opposite think if we take the large fragment size and to ensure that if a large part of the data sent over a communication channel that fails are then transmitted, - just another error. This data fragment hits always transmitted when the error is high.

In the terminology of my pieces of communication data packets or frames are often called. The original Ethernet LAN packets were 1514 characters in size. This corresponds approximately to a page of printed text. For 1200 bps, it would take about 11 seconds to one page of text to be transmitted. Once I sent 100 pages of notes from seminars to MCI Mail to 1200 bps. Due to the high error rate, which took several hours to transfer all the notes. The file was so large that crashed MCI Mail Oops!

If the communication speeds and high error rates are very low as they are today, especially, large blocks of data over a communication channel for data transfer speed to be sent. It's like stuffing boxes on an assembly line. The worker quickly fills the field, but the extra time required to cover the cardboard and glue. The extension is of the transmission congestion. When the boxes were twice as much maintenance is required for the transmission cut in half and speed up data transfer.

Most of all software products are designed to communicate via low-speed, error-rate channels. Channels of high-speed communications are now extremely low error rate. Sometimes you can configure the software and communications equipment to better improve the level of speed and error of a communication channel and the performance. Sometimes adjustments can be locked by the software. Often you can not say whether the performance has improved or not. Normally, when you improve increase the packet (fragment) size performance when hardware and software products to work with the approval of these changes. On Windows, the setting of the maximum transmission unit (MTU) will adjust the size of the portions of the network. There are non-Microsoft programs, can help to make changes or be set manually. The problem is that the error rate may vary depending on the site you visit.

For example, when would the first pictures from Mars rover from JPL published several mirror sites have been included. These sites have tried a large number of people using computers to upload images down. There were huge traffic jams on these pages. He wanted the bad pictures, but wanted not to fight the crowds, then I look at the available mirror and saw a United Nations Uruguay. At that moment, I imagined how many people had computers in Uruguay and free high speed internet access. Therefore, it seemed that it jams on this page and I can download pictures from Mars with ease. I was right, but the download speed was not fast. Probably took twice as long for the pictures of Mars. This is because the speed of communication servers in Uruguay was slower than the rate in the U.S. and probably the error rate was also higher.

At this point we should remember that "default work better." If you doubt the default settings are used. Try not to think of Windows.

Since the transmission speed and error rates, whether you visit us at Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, or somewhere in Uruguay depend on unknown, it is best to have a good all round piece (package) s size and select 'here to stay. If you change the size, it is good to have regular comparisons to see if the performance is much better.

There are at least one simple thing you can do to improve performance when copying files from your computer hard drive to the computer inside the computer. Three-star backups that use the Windows Explorer and have the first copy of Windows Explorer to run task of copying a third file, the second copy of the second period and the third copy of the remaining files. Thus, the three backup jobs are run simultaneously Windows Explorer and expand the use of the communication channel in order to reduce the total communication. If you make payments through the channel network, you can see the increase in network usage in Task Manager, a number of tasks in Windows Explorer to copy.

There is a shopping center (not free) program called Total Commander which is similar to Windows Explorer. In addition to Total Commander has set itself the fragment size of the transfer. This option is hidden in menus. As an experiment to test to see whether there is an effect on performance, if the fragment size increases. Normally, the default size of 32 Kb per piece, but I found that increasing the size of 8192 MB per serving provides better overall performance of data transmission. It was a blessing, because generally the transfer of 100 gigabytes of data between devices. However, the tasks of multiple copies in Windows Explorer are also improves performance.

So the conclusion is that if the transmission speed and error rates fall, the transmission of large data blocks (if you can), increase in order to improve communication. If high error rate in a communication channel, Windows responds dead in its tracks and waits for the channel response. We believe that Windows is dead. In this case, to eat, for lunch and again before turning off the computer.

Please remember to "work better default values" in order not to be creative.


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