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Did you work on your site completed? If so, then the next step would be one web host to publish it (after all, we want to see the world) to find. But if you're a beginner, find a little difficult to choose the right web host for themselves (because everyone says, go for a good while running, but know not that it's time). But that does not mean that you are to panic! All you have to do is to continue to read and understand the following basic requirements must be met, then you can go ahead and choose the right one for you. Here are the basic things you should consider before choosing a hosting company considered

1) Until the percentage of time

Is the time (in percent) for which your system is online / available. For example, if a company 99.9% availability that your system is after 8 seconds every day (which means 48 hours per year) means. Therefore, it is always good to go to a company that provides high availability.

Bandwidth of 2)

In simple terms, the amount of traffic that is possible or allowed between your site and the rest of the network. Many companies that offer unlimited bandwidth. Even if you have a website, on average, need not worry, for this reason, much more.

The storage space 3)

This is essentially the space you get for saving web pages to your site. (Stop worrying about a factor of space!). In general, the normal pages are not a lot of space. But if you have a large number of video downloads and live video to a check!

4) Safety

This is a very important but overlooked. Because I want to not lose all your data in a few hours or do not become victims of their customers to be to identity theft or fraud credit card. Therefore, it is always better than before the election, a plan to ensure it has an automatic backup server. Even with the file transfer and secure SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to exercise the options for electronic commerce.

5) technical assistance

You can at any time of day to experience any problems, so be sure to select the host gives you all the technical support at all times. You do not want the inconvenience to the user, while you struggle to live on your site!

Accounts 6) Number of FTP or e-mail and databases

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is important for the transfer of files over the Internet. If your website need in the future, perhaps more FTP or e-mail accounts, so it has to be careful about this, before committing to a host.

7) The number of domains (domain or pointer) and

It is best to ensure the principle, even if the host offers a number of areas (in package) or not.

If you understand these basics, you can choose one of the major hosting companies based on their requirements.

Choose a web host is not so difficult task. Offered to provide just the basic functions of the major hosting companies and then comparing them can help you, your best choice. For more information


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