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If teams are not powerless. Sometimes the problem is caused by a virus. It may however be other equipment malfunctions the problem. With the new equipment a few simple pieces of hardware are the teams that placed in the crisis. These are simple replacement that can do virtually anyone with a screwdriver and patience. Very often, the faulty component to replace the power supply, hard disk or a CD or DVD. This article will help if it is a simple problem, determine the cause of the failure of the computer, you can Repair your computer. On the other hand, you know, when professional help repair your computer after the problem identified.Let from scratch. Here our computer malfunction disabled. The first step is to turn it on and watch. When the button is pressed, the lights are on the computer? The tower and the equipment for laptops are not the lights that turn on the lights. A good idea is to take a picture from your computer when it works properly, so they remind you how it looks, what lights are on, and what are the colors of the lights helps. Good PC performance is often indicated by a green or blue light. Yellow lights to malfunction every now and show that the computer has power over all.

In the absence of light, power is likely to be the source of failure. Portable external transformers can be tested and replaced. They run under $ 100. There are spare parts. The next test for a laptop and a desktop computer failed with a new portable external transformer or a new power supply as a test of power.

Power supplies for desktop computers are available online and in local stores. They also cost about $ 100. A diet should not be on a new computer, to test food to be installed. Just take the computer on its side with the open frame, place the new power supply remove the tip of the old power supply, remove the old power supply with a plug at a time, and plug the cord from the computing power equivalent to a point. Once the new power supply is connected, try to turn it on. This demonstrates the power.

A new power supply with more watts, is in order. This means a 300 W power can be replaced by a power of 500 W, this is not the best way to reduce the power (instead of a power of 500 W output power with an output of 300 W), but a good size . Electrical connections to drives are easy to cut the power source when the plug is not inserted just right. If the computer does not start, and pull the cable from the floppy drive and try to turn off the player. Finally, all electrical connections are grooved and has a clip connection. When connecting power connectors, make sure that the connector clip is properly aligned.

If the new processors will not solve power to the laptop, then you can return the laptop to the manufacturer for repair or buy us a new laptop. If you buy a new laptop, the data from the hard disk unit removed old laptop hard drive and in the unity of the new portable hard drive. With a desktop PC and not just unscrew the old power supply and the screw. Replacing the power of a computer is cleaner and easier than replacing the spark plugs in a car.

Now back to solve our problem. The following notice of the possible error is that the computer will not boot and no display. The monitors have a light in the lower right corner. When this indicator is green, the computer sends a signal to the video screen. When the light is large, then the computer is not sending a signal to the video monitor.

In the absence of the video signal on the screen indicating that the problem of the hardware. This suggests that we look inside the computer itself and see the main board (MLB), capacitors (which are the round tower and components that exceed the MLB). Logical mothers did not five years since the capacitors in the MLB. Capacitors burst and cause a total loss of the MLB. If this happens, the solution to buy a new computer.

When a computer is turned on, the information shows generally the BIOS setup before you try to start Windows. This information should flash briefly on the screen as the computer is started. If this happens, it shows that your own computer and display are working properly. After this screen, you can not boot to Windows with a black or blue screen. It is sometimes called the "Blue Screen of Death". In any case, no Windows startup. This error is a hard disk that has failed. This usually means that your computer works well, but the reader has failed to provide information to a computer to start Windows. Because you can not start Windows, there is no way to test the drive. In this case, the reader should be removed from the computer and connect to a Windows computer, the other for testing. The test command is the Windows hard disk CHKDSK / R. If this command is executed under Windows, check the hard disk to correct any damage to data on the hard disk, and determines whether there are physical errors on the disk.

Training documentation errors are larger by a number as zero in the test results show bad sectors appear. If physical errors or bad sectors are reported, which means that the reader has cancer. While the device is not dead, it must be replaced immediately, and copy data from it to the new drive. The continued use of a hard disk with bad sectors, you may lose all data on the hard disk. The hardest part of replacing a hard drive, all data from the old hard drive onto the new drive. There are programs that the mapping of the entire hard drive, then enable a new hard drive. If an image has been created successfully, then copy them onto a new hard drive that Windows machines often return to normal operation as if nothing had happened.

In some cases, when Windows data is placed in a new hard drive, Windows has not started. In this case, you install the Windows installation to Windows XP to Windows or a new copy of Windows to Windows 7 usually solves the problem. To install a new copy of Windows in two cases (Windows XP or Windows 7), while maintaining the data drive just delete the Windows folder on the hard drive where the new copy of Windows is installed. There is also a good idea to rename you will keep the Documents and Settings folder or folders for user data contained in them.

This is the process of troubleshooting basic PC hardware. Have when a computer boots into Windows and still have problems, it's probably a software problem. Software problems are usually solved by a reinstallation of Windows or deleting certain computer viruses and computer use. A complete procedure to remove viruses and spyware is, beyond what is presented in this article. Removal of viruses and spyware procedure is in my "Pete Nerds Virus Removal Do It Yourself" book described in detail. The aim of this paper is to first fix on your PC and give you an idea of ​​what the next steps to effectively continue, so that you can return your computer to normal operation.

Thank you for your time.

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