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Many of the latest audio and video systems for home entertainment systems have many features added products. It's a minefield trying to determine how much money to distribute to a system of choice - especially if the consumer is not sure of the height or depth of the components can take a look desired.Let look at the basic idea of ​​an entertainment system. In fact, there are three general ideas of the system to spread in the market.

A: An audiophile that is capable of high fidelity reproduction of music. This is an amplification system with two stereo speakers - maybe a subwoofer for extended low frequencies and a source such as a CD. This type of system is assigned for serious music lovers and is usually in a room or space from the TV or surround sound system with the playback of video or multimedia programs separately.

TWO: system of television and video entertainment - the combination of a television, surround-sound receiver and speaker set. Typically include a theater room in the house owners and a great interest in TV shows, movies, videos and programs from other media. The number of speakers is usually 6 - as in a playback environment 5.1: front right, front left, rear right, rear left and subwoofer for bass and special effects.

THIRD: This is usually a variation of the second point above, but also a game system for home games in the entertainment. The best player of the game may be interested in PC games, if you have a high-performance PC for more advanced games that are popular in today's market need.

It should be noted here is the range of products or performance categories. Come to simplify the analysis, the consumer thinks they are divided into three classes of severity of purchase: good, better and better.

Find a class above the consumer for an audiophile and a music system that the range of issues that may require less than $ 100, will vary as much as $ 5,000! The budget of the buyer can buy a good selection of second-hand stores for under $ 100 to buy wisely. However, the odds are in the range of "good" system, say, $ 100 to $ 400

A person in the "best" category should be allocated financial resources in the area, or $ 400 to $ 1500. For example, an enhancement of the right cost $ 300 to $ 500 and a pair of speakers with subwoofer recovery systems, $ 1,000 for the "good" high-fidelity sound.

The "best" sound that can make music lovers happy slightly esoteric $ 5,000 - or more.

In the second category, we are talking about the audio, because it requires a flat-screen LCD or LED TV system. Depending on the size of the TV alone is about $ 200 to $ 1000. Surround-sound systems, all of which can in a box like Wal-Mart or Best Buy starting at $ 100. Therefore, for the lower end of the class, or "good" would be about $ 400 to $ 1500.

The "best" category of systems run around $ 1000 to $ 3000. This level of system has a larger screen, say up to 46 ", 50 or even 55". That alone will be $ 800 to $ 2000. The surround sound system is always more than $ 250 for a system of this quality. So here we are easily up to 3,000 dollars.

The "best" category would probably be a TV set to be 3-D sound, with the degree of surround-sound component was not available for under $ "build stuff" 3,000 and $ 10,000 to slightly overall reach of all that is necessary in order to set to complete.

OTHER: Please note that the cable, the system design, installation, and the addition of game consoles would be additional categories, two and three. The installation can be a DIY project for people with the tools, know-how and the desire to be. This is not an easy task to combine everything, hide the cables through walls, wiring and connections, etc. is in the bottom right are exacerbated when you have some requirements of complex systems for a change of registration and time, with the chambers filled and so on. In a sophisticated system, the services of an engineer's design of the system.

Conclusion: We have an investment of at least a few hundred dollars and as high as several thousand dollars for a wonderful and exciting world with the best performance parameters. Enter an Internet connection, but you want an extra monthly cost to be added.

For a person in the class annual salary of $ 120,000 is to be hoped that perhaps a month's salary could be a special budget for a system of ranking the "best" quality will be.

Closing comment. This author makes you want to add to an audio system is very "best" quality at a summer house - a system that would only be used for a few weeks off per year. He wanted to be a low-budget performance, but high. Solution: Go to a few small thrift stores, Craigslist, and I see a little son on the internet to get good sound quality. Final Sale: Sony hard, good quality pair of speakers systems Hi army shelf for $ 5. Kenwood receiver, 600 watts of power, the entry ID for $ 40. Subwoofer with excellent frequency bowel shaking bass of good will for $ 15. DVD / CD of the new discount store for $ 30. Conclusion: The sound quality is very good, with great power, low frequency response of thunder all for under $ 100! Can not beat that!

Almon H. Clegg, a financial analyst. AKA Cleggsan

Experts in the engineering cost analysis, ROI benefits for home entertainment systems.


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