VoIP and Video on Demand

Requirements for IP telephony - IP Video on Demand Solution of Voice and Video on Demand are the latest technologies that have created a great shock to the industry data and telecommunications. Many people wonder what exactly these technologies the way they work. We are some technical problems.

If your computer and the IP phone in the same VLAN, then try to use both existing bandwidth. The easiest way to stop a conflict, the use of virtual LANs isolated IP telephony and data traffic.

Advantages in an isolated VLAN

The use of isolated VLAN has the following advantages: 1 QoS can assign the IP-telephony traffic, as it moves in the network, 2. Network engineers classify and network troubleshooting easier if the phones IP subnets and VLAN isolation are.

The old style telephone

Old style telephone networks business are usually built around a central control device called a Private Branch Exchange (PBX). This voice device on the road routes calls analog or digital. For example, using an analog fax machine or analog phone uses an analogue line, but a digital phone uses a digital line. In the old style phone, the physical address of the device in the cable that is connected is inserted. So to add, move or change phone features a large amount of manual configuration. Many companies have a different wiring for telephone network and its data network. The term VoIP is used when using the alternate voice-enabled routers to vote in the old style analog phones and IP-routing of data packets from data packets between locations.

Watch Live

Live video or video streaming, so users view a video, until all data packets are in your personal computer. Streaming media files immediately, no waiting time, reducing the need for video streaming, store large multimedia files, or use the space for files before viewing. A live video stream is sent as a rule, simultaneously with multicast packets on multiple computers.

Victory or death!

With video on demand, employers can either listen to or download all data from the cache on your computer on. Download the entire video before viewing and storing are also called before. This technique reduces the strain on system resources. With a server, a streaming media cache enables it to run on PC employers to keep the data and see that at a later date. Video on Demand is sent using unicast packets for each user requesting the video.


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