Organizing Your Computer Files

The following two simple steps, but reflects the files on your computer is always at hand.

As in our files to find, we retrieve and store electronic documents quickly and easily. Although most computers have a very efficient search functions, is still not as effective as knowing where your files.

Your digital archiving system must reflect the bin. Conceptually, the things, whether in the physical world of paper or in the virtual world of computers. It is logical to use the same category names and file structures he created for his role in the computing world. The more you use the same folder structures and styles that are easier to find and the things in both places.

Ideally, you should use the name of the same class in the computer, as it plays its role. First, create a file structure - categories, folders, subfolders - Board of Directors, based on your filing system on paper. Then open a new window on your computer and drag files and folders in the new structure that you just created.

Select your files methodically. Application in paper form is not exactly the same as the computer, but because their roles are not all the individual names need - but the files on your computer. Therefore it is very important for effective strategies to get your documents have names. You want to make sure you mention your documents, so that when opening a file full of records, and try not to be regarded with determining what the actual document search, you.

Most computers can now things with a very long string name. So many things with the file name and a description of what the file is finished, the version number, the date on which it was created, who created it - all things in general, they are submitted in the name of the file to itself. When things are in the file name that you can quickly open a folder full of files, and very simple and easy-to-the one you want without having to open and close each file found. This can be a big time saver. If you already have a folder full of documents are open, and had to open and close each individual, the document you need, you know, what a waste of time to it.

Create a naming convention documents that you can follow in the future. With the establishment of the files that you create, so that all new documents in a way that makes it much easier to find, and then later actually makes organized. If you have time, their old files back and change the name and in your new file system.

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