Fundamentals of Network Design

Provide high availability

In addition to providing an additional level of security, server clusters are often necessary to provide high availability of applications and services complex. A good network should be able to reduce the potential impact of disruptions. This defense may be the network administrator to business needs at all times.


To ensure high availability, the servers are connected redundantly to two different switches in the access layer. This design provides a route from the switch when the first server main surface fails. Changes to the distribution and core layers are also connected redundantly. Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol can also manage redundant Layer 2 links. A router that is using the Hot Standby Router Protocol in a position to provide support for Layer 3 redundancy and failover.


Several virtual servers can be installed on one physical server. Developed the physical server operating system, to support multiple virtual images. This design is called virtualization. Virtual Server in order to reduce service costs redundant, failover and load balancing for important network services.

Customer inquiries

Before scheduling an internal network of the architects of wireless LAN need to understand how to use the customer wants to Wi-Fi network.

The architect understands the requirements of the network of customer questions. The answers affect how a Wi-Fi has been designed and implemented.

If the architect does not get good answers to your questions or to fully recognize the needs of the customer, the installation of Wi-Fi will be difficult or impossible. For example, the obligation to provide unsecured access points are much less difficult to plan, to provide authenticated access to internal devices.

Plan physical network

In a traditional wireless networks, most of the energy goes through areas of physical network coverage.

The architect of the network creates a site survey to identify areas of coverage and find the best places to install wireless access points. This report defines the hardware access point and wireless capabilities of your favorite games. The architect must also decide whether the roaming between coverage areas that overlap can be supported.

Designing the logical network

Logical Network Planning Network architects usually causes the greatest difficulty. Customers often want to offer different levels of access for different users. In addition, wireless networks must be easy to use and protected. Determination of the desired properties has many different methods for the design and wireless networks. The free wireless access for visitors and secure wireless access for mobile workers are two basic requirements that companies have the edge.


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