Choosing The Best Strategy of Operation And Maintenance For Your Projects

Consolidation of the industry in global competition is the team today, and maintenance strategies under strong financial pressure, so that the operation and maintenance in order to cut budgets to the first. Increased productivity and economic benefits are possible if the operators the tools and information to optimize in real time, continuously, the economic factors that control the bonds and reduce costs are needed. Many of the factors that the industrial economy of plants frequently changing costs of raw materials to influence the market demand for part-and outputs of the team. In an ideal world, operators are constantly optimize selection of energy sources and raw materials, product line, the equipment used and other variables to the economic performance of the system. In the real world, but not the operator is not always the data in real-time feedback on the economic impact of their actions. At this point, users and system operators are aware that they are losing millions of dollars by operating the plant at optimum operating points. Even with information available at your disposal, you can not determine the necessary and relevant tools for evaluating the complex interactions between variables, or the best points of the operating conditions before changing again.

Predictive maintenance, prevention of the abnormal situation, the optimal choice, early detection of errors, troubleshooting, optimizing the reliability, efficiency, and offer strategies to monitor the productivity and profitability. Nevertheless, the prediction of potential problems and the impact of the changing conditions of a constant flow of information in real time, not only on the process, but also parts of the myriad processes, equipment and parts which operate. This is something that offers the traditional system architectures can not do. The control can not more than the process variables and the related trends and alarms. There is no way to monitor the health of devices in real time and reliability, and therefore there is no possibility that the first signs to recognize of potential problems.

To prevent problems before they occur, many industries have come to rely on preventive maintenance to minimize unexpected downtime for inspections, spare parts and other maintenance at specified intervals. Obviously, the downside is the cost of preventive maintenance, go for such a common problem, such as motor oil, there is no definitive evidence or consensus about the best time to perform maintenance.

The knowledge of the health and reliability of the machine is in operation, is equipment part and the process via maintenance functions on the traditional reliability is centered, and in part or whole lifetime of the equipment, which means integration of the event, the manufacture, operation and maintenance. That's the question that the author provide a lasting solution through the integrated control of reliability, maintenance and repair parts and other industrial plants with the model on the heritage-based Software Technology Program drives.

Technical technological heritage is the transfer of properties of optimal quality parts of a finishing operation of the empty space for the life cycle of the last operation of the plant. The technique is used to remove the negative qualities and mistakes, and maximize the beneficial properties of high-quality parts, processes and equipment.

With the use of engineering models based software heritage, there is a greater probability that the product will be introduced on the market at the time when they are believed to be reliable, and cost-effectively maintain profitable.

So the best way to select which components of the life cycle of projects in operation and maintenance program, the use of technology model is based on legacy software. Since the operation and maintenance of the project progress from the first to the last stage of the model technological heritage based on the software can be selected to validate and verify the productivity of the project on the reliability, functionality, feasibility and sustainability.

If you are looking for more information on the integration of security, monitoring and maintenance of industrial plants and the best selection of parts, processes, equipment and maintenance strategies for their projects, visit http://www. Built IAIC see white paper on "The selection of the actual cost of the project components for the productivity of users in a maintenance operation reliability"


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