iPad 3 Rumors: Awaited Features, Issue Date and Much More

Now that Siri has made his home on the iPhone 4s, the iPad 3 rumors beginning to boil several interesting ideas. Nothing has been officially mentioned yet, but here's a summary of expected changes, and our hypothesis educated in the things you need to know as the presenter of the iPhone in hand.


If Apple is still in its initial rate of 342 days between the reading on your iPhone, we are a little less than four months away from the theory, called "iPad 3". This bodes well with various sources that we can find a new iPhone in the first quarter of 2012.

What this says to the speakers: The Buyer's Guide MacRumors says it all. "As we approach the end of a cycle of creation, whether for"


Size and shape - Several sources say that the iPhone 3 is a new weight loss for the iPad, with a duration of longer battery life and a potential advantage for better viewing of the screen (see photo above).

The timing and wireless icloud - presenters spend time synchronization through presentations iTunes could drop dramatically if Apple plays its cards with icloud and wireless syncing. Expect to pay extra for convenience, though, as icloud is priced at $ 100 for 50 GB

Note: Wireless sync icloud and are a part of iOS 5 and therefore works on any iPhone. That said, it would be surprising if the iPad 3 integrates these functions with more elegance than other devices.

Retina Display - Speculation about the presentation of the iPad 3 is full, but sources tend to doubt whether or not the incoming generation of the tablet will feature a presentation by the retina. If this is the case (which seems to be the last consensus), the resolution will be to form a spark of a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels at 132 pixels per inch (dpi) in the iPad 2 all the way to a presentation is less than full HD 2048 by 1536-pixel. Consider that before a group of decision makers.

To update or not to move to

If Apple pulls through all the features mentioned above, there is a compelling presentation tool. Quick, concise and lighter than ever, is incredibly exciting for improvement, but it is difficult to decide with certainty. Such as the Buyer's Guide to Mac said, do not upgrade now, unless absolutely necessary because it is not about Apple several exciting new technologies on the road.

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