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E-mail has become one of the most important applications for computer users. It quickly replaced the Post Office. With e-mail we send multiple video messages, including e-mail, photos, links to information on the Internet and much more. Most e-mail users tend to save all e-mails. This can be a problem because mail systems are only marginally informative. In addition, if Microsoft Outlook e-mail or a computer hard drive crashes to miss any e-mail. This article describes in simple terms how does e-mail, the limitations of Outlook, Gmail and more, so you will be more effective with your e-mail.A simple explanation, working e-mail boxes similar electronic and postal letters to the post office obtainable. Mailboxes are computers that store e-mails after they found in an internet post. An Internet mail is known as a computer server, which is mainly devoted to sending, receiving and forwarding e-mails. The receiving end is often a POP3 (Post Office Protocol 3) server and the sending system is an SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) server. Both POP3 and SMTP protocols are carried out by the same team. For example, at some point Comcast mail servers were E-mail (I think it is now for the POP3 server) and Verizon has and used mail server. The current mail server Post Office Comcast and Verizon can find their website or call to find the customer service.

The Mailbox - E-mail is created on your computer. Once this is done, it will be sent to the mail server as a desktop of your Internet Service Provider (ISP). The mail server checks the mail was received, to ensure that (and not a distributor of bulk e-mail) and then sends the mail server target. It takes a few seconds or minutes. The e-mail on the server is performed by the post office until the recipient to view and retrieve your e-mail. In general, for all e-mail attachments containing viruses (EXE, etc.) can be checked, and was removed from the post office. Attachments are limited in size. Some mail servers can be up to 10 MB and the other is about 16MB in size.

E-mail is different chat applications online. Chat applications for the transmission of messages between users connected active. The e-mails, while providing the post office, living in the post until they are collected by the receiver of the message. With e-mail, there is less of a need to send and receive time between the parties by e-mail to coordinate. Flash mobs can set e-mail to the duration of the flash mob event to discuss and coordinate the activities during the event happens.

Personal computers and Microsoft Business Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail and other programs such as Thunderbird freedom to manage the mailbox on your computer. These programs can be configured to leave mail in post office for several days or even eliminated, contributions spam filters, keep a contact list and more. Mail and contacts from these programs are used, files on the hard disk of the computer store. Key files are Microsoft Outlook PST. At one point, the contacts in Address Book (WAB files and PAB) are stored. E-mail Outlook Express DBX files are files. Windows Live Mail as an EML file extension of the main uses. To view these files as e-mail messages, run the appropriate program for Windows, Outlook, Outlook Express or Windows Live Mail

Electronic files are stored in specific locations on Windows. The sites are for Windows XP and Windows 7 In Windows XP is the user account in Documents and Settings. In Windows 7 is stored in the user-account-users. The best way to find these files, is looking for the file extension in the Documents and Settings or box. Once found, it is good to note of the folder in which they take up residence, as it may be useful in e-mails.

The size of these files is also important. Computer users, including myself, tend to save all e-mails. It seems easier on a computer to do this than to recording all mail that once received at the post office to do the opposite, because the messages in the computer case, and fill in the little house. However, recording every e-mail is not a good idea. First, to grow the e-mail files, they tend to Outlook, Outlook Express and Windows Live Mail works slowly. This is particularly noticeable in XP systems under the age of 1 GB or Random Access Memory (RAM). Exchange of data between disk and RAM is much slower than working with files in RAM. The age limit was about 2 GB of Outlook. After the old Windows systems tend to mess up Outlook. In the new systems I have e-mail file size of 4 GB or more seen. As these files grow slowly in size, performance degradation increases slowly and imperceptibly. Just as we are to gain weight, grow old as we are prone. Deleting old messages and allows Outlook e-mail software on other levels of performance in the vicinity which will be initially installed upright. In my case I use an iPhone application control calories to work slowly with my weight when I was in my 30th

The real problems with e-mail happens when the computer hard drive fails. Hard drives fail with age. They have a life expectancy of about 100,000 in hours (POH) or greater. It's like the life of a pet for 12 years. The lifetime of the disk depends on how it is maintained (cold or hot), the force (nice, clean energy, with little or no discounts) feeds, and how many hours a day, it's on. If a drive fails, the computer user is to know how she became addicted stored e-mail and e-mails (spam and all) has acquired a value that exceeds the current price of precious metals.

Research and then copy the PST, DBX or EML to an external backup of the mailbox the whole team. You can then import into Outlook, Outlook Express and Windows Live import mail with the possibility of files in each e-mail program, so that nothing is lost.

Many computer users have moved to Internet e-mail such as Yahoo Mail, Gmail and others. Internet Mail stores all e-mails on the server of the mail. Restrict internet messaging services, the amount of free memory that can be used for e-mail. In the case of Gmail about 7 GB Other messaging services offer similar storage capacity is. The advantage here is that e-mails are stored on a server on the Internet (cloud), you can access your e-mail form any computer at any time to smartphones and other mobile devices used to be your e-mail access, and you can have multiple e-mail accounts in one e-mail account. Thus, diversity and scope of e-mails in a single e-mail will be grouped.

The problem with Internet e-mail is that it is often under attack by pirates. Recently, a client in a system that was hacked into your Gmail account. I tried to retrieve e-mails, without success. With Gmail and other free Internet services based on e-mail support is almost non-existent. Not man, to help them. If Gmail still helps the people who would probably end up with unemployment in the United States. Sometimes the messages that Gmail can be found in the area of ​​the deleted files. However, in this case have been deleted and no e-mails could be restored. This attack comes in Lagos, Nigeria. Use the address below to send a wrong message to ask for money. The money was needed to the owner of the e-mail account to help with the fake e-mails in Europe is not united. There is a technique for e-mails in the event that an account has been hacked save. Both Internet mail accounts with different passwords and used only for the safety of all e-mails. If an account has been hacked, the account of another registered e-mail.

E-mail services are to improve safety using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS). This means that use Outlook and other e-mail clients and ports for secure Internet mail exchange mail server. Verizon FiOS servers and their ports are: Port 995 and port 465 with. These ports are behind a firewall that separates the computer and Verizon's servers over the Internet. The shapes of the doors have numbers from 0 to 65,535. The secure e-mail numbers are 995 and 465 line from Verizon.

We can say that we are forced in the final transition from paper-mail to e-mails and the post office, restrict their activities, while the e-mails from around the world is increasing. Now there are video mail, unless you're a good writer, you just need a webcam and you're done. Please do not save all your e-mail because it seems that you can.


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