Why You Should Join the Video Chat Bandwagon

Video chat and drawing have always been a fascination for us. At that time, started as a Star Trek with video telephony in the series, people have always waited for the day when video communication will be part of our daily lives. Ladies and gentlemen as well, that day is here, and nobody seems to care. Applications such as Skype video calls we have made in recent times, but in the video chat still does not take off with everyone.

Here is an interesting fact. Video chat in the 21 Century, as we start to think, began already in 1964 was with AT & T. In 64 ', is AT & T developed what he calls a kind of giant picturefone it offers video calls. "" Basically, he sat down in front of your picturefone and on the other side of a screen for the user was talking about. The picturefone took pictures of you every two seconds and to provide processed in the receiver's display to an awkward simulation of a video call. In these days when it was announced was with great fanfare. However, in its application, it is complicated and people do not like it because it is too large, expensive and do not have to update the call, was all the time. The project was abandoned 1970th

This is a great analogy of what happened today until recently. Well, I could overkill, but if Skype in the early 2000s, came in 2003 to be exact, it took some time before making a large number of disciples. We look forward to an application that allows users to video call one of your contacts for free, and allows calls to mobile very cheap talk.

People complain that the video chat too much work, you must prepare to look good and to control their environment. Others do not like the fact that it will not actually a real conversation, because you always on the lookout for the person on the face. Others say that in general, people are lazy and do not want to participate in the work of video-communication, that you should pay attention to the speaker, especially when speaking.

I have one thing to say to these people, get over it. Video chat has its advantages, especially against some disadvantages. Things that we are now scratching cat video today is what is going on, to do video chat, to define our lives in the future is limited.

Make video calls to friends and family for free. It seems that the description of Skype, but if you think about it, you'll find that this will not be long until you, or video to all your friends and contacts call for free and never pay again call mobile operators, because some of the application enabled him to do it seamlessly. I mean that in mind, right to continue to pay for a support plan for $ 60 cell phone if you can call and text all your friends.

The meetings will be similar to a physical race to take pleasure. You're going to do if you really want to sweat, because all I had to do on the computer or TV will jump to and connect to the meeting or event and had to get involved. Parent-teacher will make it easier and more profitable. The same applies to meetings of the Board or AA meetings.

Social networks in real time. To make a new video on the net, he was to share live video with friends while watching the video-sharing at the same time as you and discuss with you in the video. Then, sports games and watch movies online with your friends connected with you, as if they were looking at a bar or movies were together.

After all have people who have always thought of the last things we use today, ever produced. Bill Gates said that you never need a computer with more famous than 256 KB of memory. Radio pioneer Guglielmo Marconi, said he would never use the TV because people do not want to see live images in the boxes, it was too much work.


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