Understanding Power-ion implantation

Ion implantation is a manufacturing process for the production of silicon wafers (for use in microelectronics) and uses photovoltaic cells. There are a number of areas in the ion implantation, wherein the use of the high voltage supply is required. Although the final implantation of these applications are very different requirements have supplies high voltage in the different parts of the apparatus can be used are, is generally similar to applications.When by ion implantation requires in the manufacture of semiconductor-type semiconductor, a method, the extreme precision. The quality of the final product depends on the quality of all fully ion implantation method, which in turn is based on a number of parameters of the supply lines. Essentially it's a chain reaction that, if the source (the source of high voltage) is somewhat out of sync or inaccurate, the entire process is tainted beyond repair and all the final product is zero.

Ion implantation systems provide a large number of strict requirements of the energy used. High voltage power supplies are essential for a variety of locations around the implant device, including ion accelerators and delay, and also the deletion. The energy source can be used in ion implantation to high long term stability, which offer very low ripple and excellent load regulation and line conditions in the most demanding static and dynamic.

To meet the needs of low to output needs is a high stability and long-term good regulation is very important to carefully selected components are used with high-tension perfectly to the application and the correct size for optimum performance adjust the working pressure range of safety. PCB design and noise reduction is also important to ensure that the control circuit are not affected by the operating environment or food inside.

Using detailed knowledge of all aspects of the application and design a diet for the most demanding customers' needs can be developed relatively easily. A power failure can result in costly downtime in any application. It is important that high voltage power supplies used in the ion-implantation to ensure maximum safety, so that production runs smoothly.

To meet these requirements, a company must work to build high voltage power supplies for these applications with customers to understand the application in detail. This means not only in normal operation, but after careful consideration of all the scenarios that could affect the time that the system is in use. And because each application is unique in a sense is the study and understanding of the long use of the device mandatory.


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