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To get from the resource center and communications benefits, a remote user is usually at least a surface connection to the central site. The bandwidth requirements for connecting large area will depend on network services that employers want to use in their work. When employees are in remote locations of the IP telephony network, a device driver may need to make calls remotely. The network architect must consider whether users need remote access to video assets to think the same. This access will affect the bandwidth. For example, video transmission can be used for a business meeting. These design decisions include the evaluation of the bandwidth Wide Area well.Selecting central location or at the request of a permanent connection

The architect selected when the highest net use permalinks or upon request to the central location. The architect works with clients to address requirements of safety, cost and availability.

A link to high-speed Internet is a good choice for home workers. It is easy to install in remote locations and is also available in many hotels. From time to time, asynchronous dial-up remote access, the only solution is for travelers. Employees who travel can use a laptop with modem and the current telephone network to connect to the company.

Large LAN connections on the part of teleworkers, the following technologies: asynchronous dial-up, ISDN BRI, cable modems, DSL, cable and satellite traffic, VPN.

Data traffic in a network is analogous to the flow of vehicular traffic in the metropolitan streets. Vehicles move from place to place throughout the city. The traffic generated by applications is moving from one place to another network. The road is generally prepared by a layer of TCP / IP. Configured depending on the quality of service policies on the network, the path can be influenced by additional factors that the source and destination transport-layer port numbers. Let's say, a host sends a request for a shared folder on a server in a traffic flow. The server parses the request and if the user has permissions expected returns data to the user in a different traffic flow.

Traffic control

Without a method for traffic control, such as traffic lights or are other ways to keep the flow of traffic on the congested roads. Networks need a way to regulate traffic. Quality of service mechanisms are in place to ensure a smooth flow of traffic for the application of network traffic.

The traffic flow is very important for all networks and that is what really distinguishes a good from a bad network.


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