The Electric Generator History

The generator is now a well used, it is often easy to forget that it had been since the early 1800s. It was Michael Faraday, an English physician who first discovered that the mechanical energy of rotation into electrical energy could be converted in the 1830s. After the principle of electromagnetic induction, the first electromagnetic generator continues as the Faraday disc, homopolar generator, in which a copper plate was rotated between the poles of a magnet to build. It is said that the current use of efforts.The arrived in the current technology, especially its ability to innovate in the industry as a result of the generator shortly after the Faraday plate in the shape of the light machine now known as the generator. This was the first generator is capable of delivering power for industry. The first was from a French named Hippolyte Pixii It uses a rotating permanent magnet produced by a crank. Other versions include the dynamo and the dynamo Pacinotto Siemens and Wheatstone.

The invention of the dynamo also lead to the discovery of the electric motor to start. In the 1870s, invented the Gramme dynamo found that if your camera has a constant voltage source, which could act as an electric motor. Although several new models and versions have been, now is that gram design, ie an endless loop of the drawing is the basis for virtually all current electric motors.

With respect to the operation of a generator, is a common error that it generates an electric generator. This is not the case, simply moving energy. The flow of electric charges as the electric current through the generator output supplied.

With regard to the safety of the generator, it is much improved over the years. One of the main components of the generators is the control panel, which is still an automatic start and stop switch. The generator shuts off automatically when no longer needed, thus overheating and prolongs life. The main body or frame of the generator is also an essential element of security that is the generator for the security and grounded enclosure or container holding the machine dry.

Generators in use today more than ever, both domestic and industrial. Owners increasingly for a backup energy source for their homes and institutions decide to opt for industrial generators to power outages realize financial and material damage can have on your business.


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