What is customer service?

At Pizza Hut has taught me to accept orders. Someone wanted a pizza with mushrooms and pepperoni? He handed me a ... and quickly, while still hot. I could not for my first client, waiting to get a pizza before going to another, but when she learned to multi-task. I need all my customers to be happy, if I wanted to earn my board. Besides, if I give bad service, remember the people and ask a different server the next time.At K-Mart, I have learned to sell. Once upon a time, when Best Buy was not there, the people had television sets and VCRs, and stereos in the K-Mart purchase. I was on board and quickly learned that the more you sell, the more I did it. I was positively ready, all the people who passed by to help. I've learned to talk to my clients and understand their needs to help them buy the right thing. If they sold a lot to bring it back and be unhappy. If they sell something too cheap that would be satisfied with the quality. It was my responsibility to ensure that went with the right product and ensure that all the value that it had to offer to realize.

So it's Pizza Hut and K-Mart. But what about the pizza quickly and a large discount, an IT professional has to offer?

Long-term customers are more profitable than short-term customers.

Good customer service really is that simple. If you remember this, while the rest will come! So how do you create long-term customers? Do not hesitate, it is very simple:

Be genuinely interested in your success ... naturally.Don t will be, "give them no reason to go elsewhere.

Does it? Really? Yes, if you provide your customers with success, happiness, and the profitability of your own reality and help them achieve their goals of your company to grow and require more of their products and services. Do not go for easy money! Just not worth it. If customers know that the success or the insured has helped them earn more money or make their lives easier, they will think the next time you try to do the same thing over and over again. If you take the easy money that will realize sooner or later, and never return. This is Part 1

Part 2: Do not confuse! Once you have a good thing going with a customer, they do not give reason to look elsewhere. Make sure the products and services they want, whenever they want. Known well enough that no one else can give the same value for him. And never, never take them for granted. It's so easy to lose a customer because of a lack of attention, since it is through competition.

I built a successful consulting business in the course of seven years with the previous two rules. I have built long-term customer return month after month and year after year. Do not use my services, as they had done earlier, but returned because we had a relationship that is valued. It was very personal, but it was not just any other company. I enjoyed working with them and help them achieve their goals. She and I knew that, if successful, would require more of my help, and I could ride his coattails all the way to the bank. Our objectives were aligned, and while I was doing my job and not confuse it are guaranteed to get satisfied customers during the time that I wanted.

It was not always perfect, and I became complacent and did a few customers for granted. I lost. It was perhaps the most painful lesson I learned more than 7 years and learned quickly. I built the processes and procedures to ensure that customers are also on a maintenance level for a long time to add value to your company actively add. I learned not to mess up.

For example, Pizza Hut and K-Mart, you really have something to teach us about customer service, after all. How did you hear about customer service? What does this mean for you?

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