The house HTPC (Home Theatre PC) - it's not as confusing as you think

Before we begin, I want to let all the negativity based HTPC ago, people thought that the HTPC is to confuse an animal, so I is not be.What a HTPC? The media are everywhere, pictures on your laptop, the music on your MP3 player / CD's, movies on your desktop? Well, you can get all that content in one place with a HTPC and have everything to share on your PC for the whole family, controlled by a wireless keyboard or even a TV remote control infrared.

My definition of a HTPC is a media center + other media available to everyone who sat on the couch.

Information on Construction a HTPC should not be difficult or expensive if you're a little nerdy like me you probably have spare parts around the house are to be seen to get "love" the woman taken in use, or maybe your computer is not in the daily routine and needs renovation, but it would be perfect for sitting under the TV? Many people use the old parts of the building, then realize the power of the HTPC and decided to build / buy a dedicated machine. Of course, if you are not comfortable building a computer, you can almost any computer that you purchase fits in (or near) the TV to do the job. These machines have powerful can a video on the standard that you need to be playing the odds HD.

General Software HTPC software comes of all different races, but if you are new to the game or you do nothing else but the front windows then I recommend you try to keep it, but if you're a fan of Linux or Mac, you can pay for a Windows license, and focus on what I know best.

Most versions of Windows include (from other than, perhaps, and editions are incorporated), the so-called Windows Media Center, Windows Media Center is fast becoming your new best friend.

There are some significant differences in the front of the PC hardware standard HTPC:

Business: Now that your toys in the clear to everyone in the TV program you want to make it look very nice. In fact, several large boxes available HTPC that can accommodate up to a total size ATX motherboard, or if you do things for cheap the highest number, then certainly do TV next to the old will. Once you realize the extent of the HTPC is that you go to buy a bargain anyway.

Control: Who wants a leader with a long keyboard and mouse on the couch? The controls are usually just a wireless keyboard or a mouse whole. If you really want a woman looking at a very light machine, infrared remote control to match the box with the sattellite.

Audio Outputs: Obviously they have a nice surround sound system, is not it? While you must check the box to connect to an optical configuration of the speakers or audio through HDMI checked to see if your computer supports, consider this when looking at graphics cards.

Power: not to be very powerful, in fact, some people do very well with an old dual-core processor or a draw and no HD content Pentium D! The only requirement is actually picked up at least 2 GB of RAM and a graphics card with high definition, which can be set up very cheap nowadays. However, remember that you want it to be quiet, nothing worse than a loud hum when you try to see a movie (Trust Me).

Storage: It depends on your configuration, if you distribute your content over a network, then you probably need only a small hard disk, run the operating system only. However, if everything in the Magic Box will be saved even then you have many space.II mention a word more, but ...... Backups.

Software As I mentioned before, I suggest sticking to the system that you know best what Windows for most of us. After you have installed Windows, you have to do is install Windows Media Center to start the computer and messing around, it's really all there is to it. It is obvious that there is no play here, because it could not last forever, because everyone is different.


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