The Advantages Of Interactive Video Conferencing In Modern Education System

  1. Develop course offerings in inaccessible places - offer courses for advanced students, students with special needs, teachers, staff and parents, the home of students and community members that had received little or no access to training due to distance limitations. These can now connect to his lectures and courses on video. In Australia, the introduction of video conferencing rural institutions has expanded by 500%!
  2. Improve and share experience with experts in the field to locations with limited access to experienced trainers, universities can connect to share resources and qualified teachers of subjects in the arts, to offer programs for all students from remote locations and even remote villages .
  3. Student projects together across geographical borders - A science project, ten local spirits and anxious to three. There are no limits to their peers together to learn teamwork and improve their skills. Do you discuss with another class in another city, to themes and ideas, participate in a discussion with students on a scientific project initiated to provide preparatory courses, and much more!
  4. Interactive Virtual Tours - Take students on exciting excursions, educational field, without the classroom. See museums, ancient fossils, dance and live aquarium programs. With a clear definition is high, this is as good as being there.
  5. Video conferencing can provide busy parents with direct access to the teachers, which ultimately in the achievement of their children - benefits of teachers to students and parents. The connection between parents and teachers is also increasing, such as video communications extends the scope of communication. No need to have a parent-teacher ignored worry, as these regular meetings may be held in the most comfortable for teachers and parents. This saves time and travel costs for both parties.
  6. Administrative Video Conferencing - In today's competitive educational institutions are very excited about the connectivity between the sites, which is more efficient worried, and reducing travel costs. Managers need to manage, which are filled with hectic meetings, briefings and the statutory deadline requirements.
  7. Enable rapid decision making and achieve organizational goals and objectives by videoconference.
  8. Eliminate the need to travel and time away from the office - save time and costs associated with travel, when coupled quasi-administrative meetings or training sessions and conferences.
  9. Share your knowledge and learn new skills for the staff - contact with colleagues on projects to work, the location of the new training staff, and discuss important issues between the campus.
  10. Improving access - Allows management and staff to meet the local experts, participate in educational programs for activities such as continuing education courses, graduate, professional development and access to other resources not available locally.


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