The advantages of the use of hubs switches

It is entirely possible to create a computer network only at the centers of the base, but there are several reasons why this is not recommended, although cheaper than switches. The switches are essentially the same as the centers, but a little smarter. This article deals with the small difference between hubs and switches, and the advantages that the use of switches instead of hubs brings.

The hubs are considered by many dumb peices of network equipment. They do their work for the transmission of information over a network, but that's all we can do. Advancing the way the information is very expensive, adding to network traffic. If you had 10 computers to a hub port 10 and the connected PC port will be connected to the computer to have to talk to port 5, the choice of "centers only to disseminate information on all ports that each PC sends the information Despite sent by a PC terminal 5. You can see how this is a waste.

are more intelligent, the switch maintains a table called the ARP table (Address Resolution Protocol) for all connected computers. Cross-references in the list of each switch port with hardware address, also known as the MAC address, the device connected to that port. In the above example, if the PC wants to port 1 on the computer to talk on port 5 sends the information to the switch, including the MAC address of the computer port 5, the switch then looks at the location of the PC to MAC ARP-based address and always do the switch, how to convey information on Port 5 only. This consumes fewer resources and less network traffic generated.

Of course I could have a small network of 10 PC works perfectly with a center, but that's not the problem. As the network grows, the more important to control the amount of traffic on the network. This is a fundamental concept of network design. We understand that the design of hub-based network suffers from poor scalability. Another advantage of using switches instead of hubs is that virtually eliminate collisions, a collision if two computers to transfer information in the same cable occurs while trying to have lost the two sets of information is passed through the collision. Other network-based center, the more likely it is that collisions happen is, under otherwise identical conditions. If information is lost due to collisions, both teams have no choice but to send the missing information, it may take longer to send a piece means again have to send information via a hub instead of a switch.

That is, the switch less time, have transferred to infrmation relative to a hub, with fewer resources, generate less network traffic, are smarter and more scalable. So if your boss asks you browse the network all the computers in your organization as a whole, can explain the many reasons why it's worth a little more and go with the switches.


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