About Network Designers

About the Network Designer

This knowledge allows the architects, clients with a network that meets the requirements of availability, security and scalability requirements. The architect has to follow the life cycle phases PPDIOO network planning and engineering. In some small companies, a system administrator can "play" ticket, the role of the network architect and designer. Large companies usually have a team of specialized networks into a single project.

A network designer would take the time to study the organization of the customer and trying to understand the needs of customers on the network. Anticipate this will enable the architect to concerns possible changes in society and developed. An architect is responsible for:

  1. To define consideration of client objectives and constraints, the technical requirements for the new project,
  2. Evaluation of the existing network is installed,
  3. To incorporating the technologies and capabilities of devices to meet specific network,
  4. The siting and interconnection of various network devices and services,
  5. Planning and management of proof of concept test
  6. Help the account managers in creating presentations.

The staff includes network design of highly qualified specialists. The network architect must be current on the network technologies and new design practices best. In addition, a good designer to get professional networks known technical certifications. A very good and recognized certification, the Cisco Certified Design Professional (CCDP) is. By obtaining this certification online first, the designer has shown that the skills needed for a large enterprise network design.

Interpersonal skills

Decent interpersonal skills are important when working with clients. A peaceful and friendly, inspires confidence in customers. The customer must believe that the designer is able to make the necessary tasks to fulfill. The following skills are essential when working with clients: 1 listen and summarize information correctly, 2nd It provides well-organized material in a logical technical. The ability to build relationships with customers is essential. In a business where the relationship of trust reduced several potential problems and contributes significantly to the success of the project for both companies.

To a larger plan must recognize the architect of the network, how users interact with network devices and network services. The designer collects data on all internal and external access to the existing network. In the absence of knowledge of who has access to the corporate network, the designer can follow some of the requirements of the users. Therefore, the design engineer a model that is inappropriate. The failure to create an appropriate design delays and additional costs.


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