Is Personal Technology a Drug?

How many of you know, I have about the negative impact of technology on numerous occasions. Specifically, I mean things like cell phones, video games, PCs and tablets, taken in daily affairs of our lives. I argued that there is no documented evidence that it improves productivity (at least not with the U.S. Department of Labor), and that affects our social skills, especially in the area of ​​interpersonal relationships. This technology allows us to express our creativity faster, for rapid access to information with anyone in the world and share things like photos and notes to communicate, but there is nothing to justify that improves our ability to think. In all cases, the use of the brain. For example, many people can no longer perform basic mathematical operations, without using an automatic machine, but we can communicate constantly through text messages, I do not think we can letters or studies without writing a word processor, should not, etc. to be a It is not surprising to see a typical office stationary when the device is removed. Studies have also shown that the extensive use of these devices actually reduced IQ As Hicks said in his book "Digital Pandemic," Technology has the ability to change our minds, so you can use to take the same actions as robot technology, we are. This means that we adapt our subliminal way of life for s' adaptation to technology.

We tend to believe that drug and chemical compounds for any drug or stimulant, or sedative, which affects the central nervous system, which uses changes in behavior. Under this paradigm, the drugs are absorbed into the blood by mouth, injected or smoked. However, personal technology, particularly through our senses of sight, hearing and touch, which in turn stimulates and awakens the brain and has taken up a comfortable place to escape. When used in moderation, there is a problem, but as a long-term use leads to addiction and can change perceptions and moods, thought patterns that lead to positive and negative sides. A positive side effect is an obvious sense of achievement as well as winning a game or completing a task successfully. The negative effect, but prolonged use, people become dependent on technology to perform a variety of mental functions, such as mathematics and writing. On the other hand, is impatient of results, as we are accustomed to instant information, instant cash, instant pictures, instant food, all at once, so have we less tolerant of any delay, the stress level increases and leads to anger.

I support the widespread use of technology leads to an increase in violent behavior. This is a claim that is hard to prove because it is difficult to find reliable technique, the binding of violent behavior. Even things like road rage, sports rage, the rage of the work are, harassment, anger management, animal cruelty relatively new phenomena were rare just a few decades back. Therefore, the safe research is limited data for a very long time. The closest I could find was data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics ("Data Analysis Tool custody"), which revealed an increase in aggression, violence and sexual communication lurk in the last ten years (the period in which the use of personal technology is derived). However, no direct link to the technology involved. Because there are no hard data, will remain my premise, a theory, until sufficient data is incorporated to the two together.

In terms of dependency, technology has the same powers as chemical dependency, gambling, or at least that does not require that drug in the usual sense. In fact, the parallels between technology and the game is quite remarkable, and can so devastating. An interesting report showing the power of addiction, the technique is "The World Unplugged", a global media by the International Center for Media and Public Agenda (CIPMA), University of Maryland conducted. As part of its findings, the report describes how the students performed (eg electronically) in the study by the lack of media:

"As to the medium during the" investigation of the students. "The World Unplugged awareness of the benefits of media exposure to the media and its limits and perhaps also that the students became more aware of, was his complete inability, through life without the media to wear.

The depths of the "dependency" that students pass out some report that he had learned that it is necessary to accomplish was to reduce their media habits. Most doubt that students are very successful, but he recognized his dependence on the media was a little self-imposed and actually inhibits the ability of their lives to what I expected to manage - from proactive rather than reactive decisions about work and play. "

Like anything, if used in moderation, technology has no adverse effects. However, it was an extension of the 24/7, our life and life is inconceivable without these devices. Because it provides instant gratification has to cry for a new type of nipple, if we put away.

The "pusher" of this new drug, of course, the entertainment and electronics continue to refine its technology and content, so that it had tendered with each new version. They really understand the danger of this drug addiction and how to use it to your advantage to do as a politician.

Let me leave you with one last thought, art imitates life, which emulates the technology. Think about it, we are increasingly robotic in our thinking? It is limited by our imagination and creativity of our technology? Can we live without these products 24 hours? The study topics in "The World Unplugged" too hard to live without them, and showed genuine withdrawal symptoms, and if you're honest, time to get addicted. Therefore, an extension of the technology itself, or we are an extension of our own technology? Each response is troubling.

You may not be a chemical or powder, but make no mistake, is the personal technology and so addicted to the human mind can change like any other drug.

Keep the faith!


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