Facts About Windows Registry

Windows registry is a set of configuration settings in the Windows system that reads and uses to operate on program delivery. Records are the central component of the Windows operating system and critical to system performance as well. Controls various parties, including the kernel, device drivers, user interface and applications. The records are maintained in a hierarchical structure and the entries will be stored on multiple levels to control the behavior of the system.

Windows registry entry is a number of key pair and the value that can be saved and on several levels. The level of the machine, all users that the current user is logged on, etc., can log entries to be changed manually by using regedit. In addition, records can by writing scripts and like.reg programs and files are changed. INI file, the registry entry is updated. Be modified by the user, an administrator must registry entries. In general, registry entries are created and managed by Windows. The entries in the file of an application is created and maintained during the installation of applications.

Importance, relevance and use of the Windows Registry

Check out the relevance of the registry key. Be used to store global settings, so there is an increased risk of change or delete them. Registry entries store the default values, such as the system or application should behave at runtime. It is very important to maintain in order to preserve the health of the Secretariat as a whole, the sanctity and integrity of the system. The security policy of the organization must respond to this crucial question with regard to the limitations and how to govern liability.

Consider an example in the Windows registry can be used by an application. A public Web site sends an e-mail notification to multiple users on alert levels defined by the user, for example, based on when the user changes a document or an artifact of an email should be sent to the observer, consultant and author. The site runs on an Internet Information Server on the Windows platform. The Web application server can create a collaborative registry setting limits for e-mail that the server can generate in a given moment of time in the queue for the mail server. The limit, for example, in 2000, which means that at some point of time of application 2000 mail alerts or notifications to the user process can be a mail server. This application allows you to manage the global queue of the application. This parameter can be changed to control the speed of the output of the message on the basis of input of the mail server.

Similarly, all applications and the Windows kernel, these global settings in the registry to optimize the performance management of the competition, and have a reference point for the system to work in the default settings.


The registry values ​​are much smaller when the entire system can be affected, such as poor performance, accidents and other catastrophic effects organized.

As the register values ​​can be overwritten by hand, it is likely that the user may be unaware of the consequences of these changes. To the programmer / developer or administrator must be careful adjustments may be smaller level inputs as a system.

It is better to change the settings through predefined interfaces of Windows application or the application itself, intended to change to get to the record.

Viruses, malware, spam and trojans tend to change the registry entries, and run scripts to modify the system-level settings. In a system for verifying the integrity of the data set must be checked to avoid corruption.

In short, the Windows registry is a mechanism that regulates the behavior of the system. It is important to have a policy to make changes and develop as amended by the methods of change management.


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