Do We Need Interrogation Robots to Make Sure Proper Protocols Are Used?

There are many scholars and psychologists that study the darkest sides of the human pysche, and the challenges with mass psychology. There are huge numbers of folks that believe that interrogation tactics used by militaries, rogue nations, and the global intelligence community are simply inhumane and wrong. We've all heard the arguments, and during the last presidential election in the United States we recall John McCain a former POW during the Vietnam War had brought up the subject.
In fact, the Junior Senator from Illinois, Barack Obama, promised to close "Gitmo" or Guantánamo Bay if he were by chance elected President of the United States. It turns out this gentleman was elected, however obviously naïvely spoke before he became president. Still, even if the enemy combatants and prisoners at Guantánamo Bay are not abused, or tortured through interrogation techniques, there will always be conspiracy theorists, and far-left progressives which will claim that terrorists should only be "tickled" lightly until they can't take it anymore they cough up the information.
Perhaps, what we need are specially designed Interrogation robots which use proper protocols, and then put the prisoners "feet to the fire" so to speak without ever letting them burn. Surely we can design robotic interrogators that can read brainwaves from enemy combatants to determine when they're willing to give up the information, and push them to the brink without torturing them in an inhumane way. If we take the human element out of the interrogation methodology there will be no chance for them to go over the line, or push the limits on what we in the United States deem to be fair treatment during such procedures.
Robotic interrogators make sense, and they will also save us on the human labor costs in places like Gitmo, which end up costing the taxpayers a ton of money, more than any other prison in the United States in fact, by a factor of five or more. Each time we catch an enemy combatant, it costs a tremendous amount of money to house them there. Meanwhile we need the information that they have as soon as possible, and the longer we wait to get that information through interrogation techniques, the more lives that are at risk; both civilian and our men and women in uniform.
The way I see it robotic interrogators are humane, save money, and when following the proper artificially intelligent protocols, and algorithmic decision matrix - can retrieve that information faster, without torture. Indeed, I hope you will please consider all this so that our nation can remain humane but still collect the intelligence and information we need to win against terrorists.
Lance Winslow has launched a new provocative series of eBooks on Future Military Technologies. Lance Winslow is a retired Founder of a Nationwide Franchise Chain, and now runs the Online Think Tank;


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