Basic Computer Network

The invention of the computer, without doubt, has revolutionized the world. Has developed as quickly, new features have been added for ease of use and useful. The people have accepted it in their homes, and businesses have begun to store data and processes with them, too. Soon there was the need to share information between computers in an efficient way to carry information in the files, but to communicate the need for two computers directly is still very high. Thus was born the demand for network.

Today, take advantage of computer Internet connectivity worldwide, but the Internet has made the idea of ​​multiple computers connected together at the same time, the ability to share data freely born. This idea is still very much alive and present today, and it has become easier than ever to configure and use a network to share information quickly and easily.

The basic form of a network is, and what is called "ad hoc", which essentially only two computers connected together to exchange information. This can be done with a wired connection to the stability and speed, or wireless connection, since most computers today are equipped with wireless network capabilities. Ad hoc networks are typically used to share information quickly, and usually not for a long time not used because it does not support all the functions that a traditional router-based network does.

Network seen in more common situations is that through a "hub" or "Access Point". These devices act as a liaison between multiple computers, to account for the equipment to take apart. Computers can exchange data between them, as ad-hoc network, but many teams can be connected together in this way to form a larger network.

The most complex networks based on "server" to the data that are based on management between computers, and as a central point that all the computers to access the trade data. Such networks are typically large organizations, because employees need to store and retrieve data at all hours of the day, and require a durable and reliable access to this information. Servers store the power of the Internet that most people are familiar with all the information that people need if they want access to websites and services.

Setting up a computer network is simplified in recent years. Which require specialized knowledge and sometimes years of training set can be automated with the use of intelligent software and hardware that adheres to established standards.

On a home network, the computer can configure access to the Internet, is all most people need a router and a modem gender (according to the company that provides your Internet connection, typically via cable or DSL, though wireless broadband is becoming more common). Many ISPs actually offer to rent or to buy this equipment to ensure that your customers use hardware that is compatible and interoperable.

In most cases, the average consumer is no longer beyond the local electronics store local retailers look to find what you need to set up a home network or small office.


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